How Economist Ndii forcefully Drove Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir out of twitter into Isolation

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(Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir)

In a war of might and intellectual… Economist David Ndii dismissed lawyer Donald B Kipkorir’s suggestion that Government should print extra Kshs. 750 billion and inject it in the economy as “wash wash” without controverting it. “It seems Ndii hasn’t heard of John Maynard Keynes or read his magnum opus “The General Theory of Employment, Interest & Money”” Donald clarified where their differences began.

It’s this clarification that made Justus Kariuki to suggest through a tweet that the two be subjected to attest and the best be determined with the results;

“I have a first degree in economics, and postgraduate qualifications in other things. I invite @DavidNdii to a written economics exam, set by an economist lecturer of his choice, on any branch of economics, supervised by @DonaldBKipkorir. Let him name the bet.” Justus suggested.

Economist David Ndii then quickly responded while asking who will examine him since he has taught economics up to PhD level, “I have taught economics up to PhD level. Who will examine me?” Ndii asked.

Lawyer Kipkorir on his part said, “I have never said I know more economics than the good Professor … I will never …. But I know sufficient enough to stand my ground & ready to be subjected to enlightenment that I misapprehended when reading it. In life, we stand to be corrected. & to learn.” He responded.

As if Economist David Ndii did not read the response from the good lawyer Donald Kipkorir, he went on to prepare lecture notes entitled; “Minting vs Printing of Money: A Primer on Wash Wash Economics”

In his lecture notes he referred to Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir as Young Billionaire Sonko Malong and termed his academic qualification as LLB, YB(Wash Wash).

Here are the notes;

Ndii’s lecture notes triggered a discussion online on who between the two won the debate. The discussion lasted several hours.

Donald B Kipkorir’s attempts to make a come back through several tweets bore no fruit forcing him to seek self isolation away from twitter. Before he responded, Donald B Kipkorir ensured he blocked Economist David Ndii.

His come back tweets read as below;

“Ndii, have said many times that Twitter is a modern day Ancient Greek agora …. In Ancient Greece, all adult men & citizens of Athens came to the public square to listen to public debates without abuses … The Public were left the richer & they knew which Thinker was Top…

“…a true intellectual debates without abuses or dismissive… A true intellectual must put his thoughts down for the world to read … Twitter has given us a public space to debate. We have no monopoly of knowledge but we learn everyday. Am ready to be corrected everyday.

“David Ndii has repressed anger. His angst against Big Familiesin Kenya is because he thinks that as a child of Mau Mau parents, he should be owning Kenya. That he can’t engage in Public Debate but instead hires Troll Farm to unleash BoTs shows a man with deep seated insecurities. Genuine Intellectuals defend their positions without defaulting to name calling … We leave name calling to charlatans & prostitutes & a deranged mob bashing for blood. Ndii’s conduct to hire a mob shows he is a Fraudster.” He tweeted

He has since gone mute. On Friday April 3, 2020, one of his friends, Lord Mutai tweeted that the good lawyer is safe and is doing well. “My friend @DonaldBKipkorir just told be to let his enemies know that once he is done with the urgent matter at hand, he shall be back here. Those thinking he was knocked out are wrong. Warriors sometimes retreat to restrategize while giving enemies false sense of victory” his tweet read.

Donald B Kipkorir must have not read Economist David Ndii’s opening quote on twitter that, “It’s the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth, and expose lies. A battle of wits, you come unarmed at your own risk”

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