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The notorious coronavirus has struck everyone by surprise. However, it has also taught people a few lessons, tricks, and tips on how to survive. Coronavirus has made people realize and acknowledge that working from home is entirely more than possible, which saves some of the utility bills one incurs while working from an office. It has also raised a concern to those people who overly on only one source of income. It has opened their eyes and made them top think that you can serve two roles; you can be both an entrepreneur and an employer.

Here are some of the relatable businesses you as an entrepreneur can decide to start.

Food Business
As we say in business, the higher the demand, the more the price increases. This is a very lucrative business idea, especially in these tough times of COVID-19, where acquiring food is essential in one’s life that anyone could ever think of. If you have either skills passion in either baking or cooking, this is the time to highlight what you got to the world.
According to google analytics, baking ranks the most searched keyword on Facebook. What this means is people have spotted an opportunity in this baking business. What do you need to know before starting your baking business? One thing that you need to understand is that no company ever starts with having everything in place. So never worry about having all the baking equipment, try making use of what you have, and it will go a long way.

If baking is not for you, try selling fruits. During these tough times, people will not see it as a liability because everyone is trying not to be malnutrition. Being malnutrition possess a high risk of contracting the virus, as it brings about a low immunity.

Do you remember in nursery when you were asked to make something out of the materials you issued? A craft is any skill that you do it by your hand. The good thing about craft business is that it requires very little capital to start. An average of about Ksh. 3,000 is equally useful to kick start your business and that is a form of self-employment. There are different types of crafts that you can think of as a form o0f a company. This could be jewellery making, soap making, papermaking, basket making, or even candles making. Therefore, it is your responsibility to sit down and think which of the crafts are equally suitable for you and which one will you do a lucrative business out of it.

Freelance writing
Trust me, and companies prefer sourcing their expertise from outside because it is cheaper and they equally do a great job. Especially in these tough economic times, companies would prefer reducing their costs and focus more on productivity.

The question is, where can these companies find you? There are many platforms for freelances to be as they are waiting to be sourced by different companies for a gig. Some of them include Up work, Freelancer, 99 Designs, and many more. Since the coronavirus has forced may people to stay at home, this can be a good idea. All you need is a good internet connection and a laptop, in that you are now good to go.

YouTube channel
You can always make money from what you know, and others do not know. According to google analytics, when people search for how to do things or learn something new, they would prefer watching videos compared to reading articles. People are attracted more to visualization more than any other things.

This is a very lucrative business opportunity as not many Kenya has yet discovered what they can get in turn from starting a YouTube channel. Some of the niches that one can look at before starting a YouTube channel include prank videos, comedy videos, kitchen recipes, how-to videos, travel tips, or any other idea that you think could help someone somewhere. Try sharing your video with various people and make them like the video. The reason being YouTube estimates your earnings by how many views and how many subscribers you have. Having an advertisement is also the right way of making money through your YouTube channel; however, for this to happen, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers in your channel.

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