Help, I’m In An ‘Entangleship’

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If you once tell a lie, the truth is ever after your enemy

Eliezer Yudkowsky

Entanglement– a complicated or compromising relationship or situation.

August Alsina on Sunday July 12 broke his silence on Jada Pinkett Smith’s “entanglement” confession by insisting their affair was actually an “entangleship”, according to a report by The Mirror.

The singer, 27, went public with his involvement with Will Smith ‘s wife in a radio interview earlier this month – claiming he had an affair with Jada with her husband’s “blessing”.

The couple provided their own version of the story on Friday July 10 in an episode of Red Table Talk with Jada confessing to the affair and insisting it happened during a break from her marriage to Will.

August spoke out about the romance, which Jada branded an “entanglement” in the web show, in a series of messages with actor/comedian Michael Blackson.

Blackson posted the exchange on his Instagram page, revealing August had called his affair with Jada an “entangleship”.

Blackson went on to ask about Jada’s entanglement comment, writing: “Was ya in a relationship or an entanglement?”

The singer then suggested it was a combination of the two, which he described as an “entangleship”, a mix of both.

During the Red Table Talk, Jada confirmed she had an “entanglement” with August during a rocky point in the couple’s marriage.
Jada said: “You and I were going through difficult time.”

Will added: “I was done with you. We were gonna separate. You go figure out how to make each other happy. We could be over.”

The Wonderful World of Entanglement

Since the news broke, the word ‘entanglement’ has been setting social media alight. However the wisest of us men already knew that the relationship between Will Smith and Jada was ‘over before the entanglement’.

I highly doubt Amerix would take this to heart. As his tweet posted during #MasculinitySaturday would suggest:

What happened between them wasn’t really an entanglement but rather a scenario where a couple just got tired of each other and wanted fresh starts. As this post by Michael Blackson on Instagram would suggest, they broke up!

What is so hard for people in relationships to understand that breakups are inevitable? That one day you will get tired of seeing each other every two seconds and decide you need, not some space, but some new people in your life? Would you eat the same ugali and spinach for a non-stop three months? Of course not.

I’m not a strong advocate for squaring things up with the person for every mess they make in a relationship. We’re not all perfect, we are bound to mess up at some point. I am though a champion of learning from things and never repeating them. The word ‘sorry’ has never been on my vocabulary and anyone who knows me…who am I kidding, no one does, only me…can tell you how saying sorry is like asking me to run for the most powerful seat in this nation.

If you were really meant to square things up with your partner you would have done it before the relationship. Too many people are diving into a relationship without being aware of the dangers lurking below, out of the fear of being alone.. It’s like a lot of ladies not bothering to check the engine of their car or if the lights are working or if the brake fluid is in tip top shape…they just wake up and drive.

Wait, since when did eliminating the fear of being alone become a priority?

Diving In Too Quickly

The idea here is to know exactly who you’re dealing with before getting in to that relationship or marriage, by being swift to notice what kind of person you’re dealing with. If a woman’s character isn’t right with you, you can always drop her and move on to the next one. Squaring things up with your woman is not a bad thing, but that is a tactic to keep you comfortable, which limits your need to seek other options. It’s like staying in a dead end job hoping a fairy will sprinkle some pixie dust that will change things. Once is enough. If you exceed that, it’s a sign that you need to leave.

They say men are naturally polygamous for a reason. They are not built to settle for one woman. Society has overglorified monogamous relationships albeit for their own selfish reasons. Many marriages these days don’t last very long and the number one cause for them falling apart is not lack of communication, it is one party trying to gain full control of the other party’s assets, which is never a good idea that ends well. Simply put, she married you for your money, not you. Sure there’s the option of taking a prenup which stops your wife from rendering you half broke (not a good thing) but how many women in real sense will accept such a thing?

As for Will Smith, not to crucify the lad but he has been emasculated. It was clear who wore the big boy pants in this marriage. Sources reveal that Will wasn’t actually Jada’s first choice, it was Tupac. Will was the guy playing safe, the guy pedestalizing her and loving her more than she loved him. The consequences came to bite him really hard. Even worse, Will has more value than Jada through the many blockbuster movies he’s featured in.

He lacked self value. She began seeing him as inferior, thus making it so easy for her to cheat on him with a guy the same age as his first son. Jada trapped him in marriage and if he was to get out, he wouldn’t just lose half his assets, his whole career, already on a thin line, would plummet.

The Price of Simping

He would lose roles if he were to divorce Jada, since he has the image of a family man. Studios like Disney which has been in a partnership with him lately on various projects would abandon him, the same way they dropped Johnny Depp from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. After allegations that he was abusive to his now ex wife, though they later turned to be false. Will Smith is now between a rock and a hard place: continue with the zig-zag marriage or risk losing everything he worked hard for all his life.

That, gentlemen, is the price of simping. Putting your woman, worshipping her above yourself. Women become disgusted by men who pedestalize them. While being the nice guy gives one the belief that he is winning the woman over with his sacrifice and servitude, in real sense he is becoming less attractive, not just sexually, in her eyes.

Women are attracted to men who thrill, men who have their own act together. Men who put themselves first before anyone else. Men who are mysterious and do stuff quietly without anyone having to find out what they’re really up to. You really want her to chase you? Don’t open up to her. She’s a grown adult who can find out who you are on your own.

I’ve said too much. I’ll be in my man cave watching Lewis Hamilton storming to his first win of this Formula One season as a tonic for the smashing of glasses I did because my football team refused to win.

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