Has WhatsApp replaced E-Mails in Corporate Communication?

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I recently whatsapped the Dean of the school in local university to enquire about the prospects of certificates. Initially, I was reluctant and I didn’t know how it will turn out but had to take chances because initially such communication had been a preserve of only mails since its ‘official’.

An hour later, the dean responded well and decisively to my enquiry surprisingly and even the discussion covered many other areas and state of our society and nation as well. This left me thinking the significance of this WhatsApp communication at this time in corporate communication. First it is faster and highly effective since WhatsApp being a chat app, the user will easily be accessed. Secondly, WhatsApp cuts us some slack on bureaucracy of mails.

In the banking institution I worked for 2 years ago, we had a work WhatsApp group whereby the director, managers, heads of departments and operational staff were all members and we would receive timely, accurate communication through and the delivery of work becoming flawless. Corporates are obviously staging mass exodus from emails as we had traditional accustom the corporates communication and have embraced the chat-app way.

Serving the accused, defendants, the plaintiffs has been widely being adopted by the judiciary to be done by WhatsApp. The council, the judges, advocates all are members of specific WhatsApp groups and serious deliberations taking place.

In as much as WhatsApp wont box e-mails entirely, its flexibility and obiquity whereby you can easily access the users, recipients, friends, colleagues make it appropriate in corporate world where it promotes efficiency in the long run. The interface and the user experience is easier many people to be able to access and use. Each one of us is a member of various WhatsApp groups which are entirely for different purposes altogether and in it we get to learn and interact in real-time unlike emails.
WhatsApp has revolutionized the communication incorporates and its matter of time for emails to be phased out entirely if the trends we are witnessing currently are anything to go by.

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