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Has society finally embraced the idea of men dating older women?

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My friend says it’s the age of the internet,

It shouldn’t be so hard to find someone to connect with,

Like my boys haven’t tried to hook me up,

One time my boy told me about Irene,

He said she asked about me,

He said we are mutual friends, in fact, on IG,

So when I didn’t find her,

He said I probably typed her name wrong,

I said if I can type Bartholomew, Irene shouldn’t trouble me,

So he said it’s eye for looking then reen with a double ‘e’,

I said eye have seen ‘e’ nough.

(A poem by Mufasa the poet.)

My brother turned 10 years old seven months ago. The other day he asked me about relationship advice. I wasn’t surprised. Two weeks down the line I asked him how his girlfriend was doing only to find out that they broke up. Reason? Sis pinched him harder than expected when they were playing at school. I wish adult relationships were as simple as such.

At what age do you think sex and relationship education should be introduced to children?

Intimate relationships can go from effortlessly simple, especially in the beginning, to incredibly complicated in what seems like the blink of an eye. But, if people are honest with themselves, that blink of an eye is often more like an extended period of time when they hold their eyes shut, or avert their eyes, as problems develop. Then, by the time they finally do look, it can be difficult to figure out what happened and what to do to fix things.

In times like this, every one wants to be with someone they can easily navigate through the storm with. Someone who holds their hand through the hard times, a ray of sunshine through the darkness. So what happens when all the qualities you seek are embodied in an older woman? Will you overlook the whole age thing?

People don’t appear to talk almost as much about relationships between older males and younger women. Society allows for this to happen but there is a threshold, the difference in ages shouldn’t be as big. When it comes to younger males courting older girls, there’s an entire different set of energy dynamics at play.

Eyebrows are raised as you pass, questions are asked, detectives are deployed, church meetings are held just to try and make sense out of the whole relationship situation.

Among the many reasons men date older women these are the top 5;

1. They have a higher sex drive.

2. Older girls are far more nicely rounded—they know what they really feel and why they really feel it. They know what they want, how they want it and when they want it.

3. They have done and seen it all. We’re all formed by our experiences, and one of the key issues to recollect about dating older girls is that they’ve had more of them.

4. They are well established mentally and financially. You don’t have to worry about her unhealthy addiction to Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags. She can handle herself.

5. They handle everything maturely. Their relationships last long enough due to the mutual understanding and proper communication between them and their partners.

Is it all roses and rainbows being in a relationship with older women? Definitely not. Here’s why,

1. The biological clock could cost your relationship. Find out what exactly she wants. Is it a fling or are you guys exclusive? To find that perfect older woman, you might have to consider her plans to start a family. Remember, her biological clock is ticking real fast.

2. Beware of cougars. In this type of relationship, the woman is often in control. Some think that a woman who dates a younger man does so because she can easily manipulate him.

3. Most of them have too much baggage. Along with those great years of sexual experience, some unresolved issues and excess baggage may come attached to the package and should be considered because well, life happens. You must be willing to accept her as she is even with the baby daddy dramas, pending divorce, step children issues just to name but a few.

Guardian Angel came public with his relationship a few days ago stirring different reactions from Kenyans. He is 31 years old and is in relationship with 50 year old Esther Musila who is a mother of three children aged 29,26 and 22.

Before deciding on taking this ride consider the pros and cons.

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