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Has Covid-19 pushed you to be your own boss? Here are 3 tips to succeed

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The Covid 19 pandemic has ravaged the world’s economy with unemployment claims surging exponentially. The end in sight? Absolutely not. The day in day out uncertainties of the effects of pandemic has thrown even among the skilled workers, middle class in state of panic and have realized that even them are expendable. The daily redundancies, losses, closures and scaling down of work-related operations is catching with employees and some are unleashing their entrepreneurial acumen to stay afloat.

The truth is for those who have been fired due to biting effects of pandemic, none knows if they will be chance to be recalled. Even the little chances which are there are being dimmed and extinguished by day as the cases continue to surge. So, what is the strategy?

If you had barely thought of business idea, venture then this is the opportune time to rekindle and make it a reality. The uncertainties of resumption of normal lives should be a driving force at the moment since hiring in most firms have been freeze and chances to secure employment becoming slim by day.

Therefore, since the inevitable path is that of being own boss through you side business, here are 3 tips that can spur your growth and increase chances of success;

Seek ideas, feedback from your mentors, role models and those seasoned in the venture

Due to different circumstances in the new environment, engage those who have the experience in the venture for the ideas and how to get started. Chances are high to be successful if you are guided properly by those who have come before you. Ask what you are unsure if, seek counsel and accept constructive criticism even if it is positive or negative.

Passion, Dedication and determination

Passion will be driving force in the new venture and in the quest to be your own boss. Dedication will see you withstand challenges that are thrown on your way and determination is focusing on achieving the goal no matter the time it takes. These three key attributes are powerhouse that will definitely guide individuals to success and breakthrough. It will be tough sell for anyone lacking passion, determination, dedication to achieve a lot.


Since you will be founder or co-founder, huge if not all responsivities lie with you and the future of the venture whether successful or failed lies squarely on your whims. Self-accountability is very important in this aspect as it will see you accountable, answerable to your actions and inactions.

Therefore, as the world labor ,markets is shrinking, redundancies left right and center, becoming your own boss will be an ultimate life line and therefore abiding by the three tips will be the first step to put your eyes firmly in the prize.

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