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Has Covid-19 inspired Kenyans to be Innovative? Well, here are 5 instances

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The Covid 19 is in no doubt battering and shattering the hopes, aspirations and dreams of many people as the pandemic has shaken the labor markets, business environments and so on. Many people not only at home but all over the world have lost their jobs or their business as the pandemic takes toll.

Kenyans however in their indefatigable spirits of bravery, ingenuity and creativity have had to adjust to tough times by coming up with solutions towards fighting the pandemic and convenience. We have seen innovations ranging from makeshift washing hands containers to the HDU beds which would have otherwise been imported. These innovations not only save thousands if not millions of taxpayer’s monies in the importation but also boost the local economy and expanding the innovation space in the local market.

Here are 5 instances Kenyans have innovated in the midst of pandemic;

Kenyatta University (KU) students making ventilators

The students of Kenyatta university surprised many in April by coming up with locally made ventilator. Ventilators are crucial for the Covid 19 patients who develops breathing difficulty. Due to the need of ventilators all over the world as the pandemic is battering every country, there are few in country and procuring more is difficult. The KU student’s innovation definitely a game changer in quest to save lives.

9-year old Stephen Wamukota wooden hand-washing machine

Despite of his age, the young man barely 9 years old devised a safe way of washing hands by allowing users to tip a bucket of water using the foot to avoid touching the surface that could potentially spread the Covid 19 germs. This idea earned this young man a presidential honor as well as the scholarship in his academic endeavors.

Contact Tracing app

Tracing the contact of the persons infected manually is cumbersome, tiresome and often lead to lack of efficiency and therefore 3 young Kenyans early in June developed the application that can ease the process and lead to efficiency. Thos app send an alert to all the people that infected person came in contact with.

The app ‘KoviTrace’ provides the information of all the people the infected person came into contact in past 14 days. The app also provides users with WHO FAQs and self-screening test that checks user’s vulnerability.

Ngong Road Carpenters with multipurpose furniture

The carpenters Kelvin Odari and Stephen Odhiambo wowed the nation with their unique way of making their furniture. In a viral video the carpenters designed as multipurpose seat that can act as a bench when folded. DP Ruto, Machakos Governor and host of many Kenyans are among thousands of the admirers of the two carpenters works. The limelight has enabled them astronomical sales and promises of better equipment and infostructure to promote their work from the government officials and Kenyans of good will.

Locally manufactured hospital beds

The hospital bed innovations by; Meshack Otieno, Mungai Gathogo, Joseph Muhinja among others is one of a kind and will see the shortage in public hospitals addressed and solved. With the building of new hospitals and hospitalizations rising due to pandemic, the innovations of beds locally have come at the right time due to its proximity and easy acquisition by public and private hospitals.

The Covid 19 pandemic is devastating with disastrous results of deaths but there is silver lining in inspiring Kenyans to be innovative and think of solutions. The Kenya post-pandemic will be a lot different, creative and innovative state thanks to the lessons learnt at this difficult time of pandemic.

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