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Guardian Angel Bus company goes mute as customers complain of being drugged aboard their vehicles

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As the year and a new decade begins, Kenyans recalls how some of them visited hell and back in 2019, though wounded, are proud to tell their stories and experiences.

One such person is Mr. Edwine Owaga who narrated his hell experience aboard the Guardian Angel bus service on the night of December 11, 2019.

“I boarded one of your busses (Cinemax) from Kisumu to Nairobi. _Ticket Number, Ksm2019dec:3072, seat No. 31.” He began.

He went on to narrate that,

“A few minutes past midnight, just after Nakuru, I lost consciousness…I WAS DRUGGED ABOARD GUARDIAN ANGEL…. I got to Nairobi somehow, and the best you guys could do was to drug me from your Bus and dump me in your waiting Bay!… At this point I assume it’s ok maybe you wanted to clean your bus.

A helpless man, who the previous night was an esteemed client, who had lost all he had was dumped on a chair in your filthy waiting Bay.

No follow up, no worries, not even a first aid effort. Ur assumption is the customer is drunk!… Let him die!!

I put it to you that we are more than just passengers. We are people. We are fathers, friends, sisters, brothers. You can’t get 1200 from me as fare then just watch me die in your bus. And you do nothing. You guys have not even simple first aid kits? I mean how? With very indifferent staff. The guy that drugged me could have sat next to me. He is out there people. Tonight he will drug someone else. Tomorrow, he will drug a mother with an infant AND GUARDIAN ANGEL will say, “It’s not our duty to apprehend criminals” as they said to me. Whoever cares to read this, GUARDIAN TOLERATES DRUGGING OF PASSENGERS!”

Many expected a response from Guardian Angel bus Company to which they are still waiting to date.

While a number would assume that drugging entails accepting foodstuff from strangers, there are many other forms of drugging in the modern day.

Betty Kaoyi explains that, “This is really sad the government she put strict measures against any transport company that will not take care of a passenger travelling under their means and has met with a tragedy while travelling…. Kenyans please let us stand up against any company that is mistreating people no matter what or what service they offer next time it can be you out there…. There was a guy who explained that you can be drugged just by someone using his handkerchief pretending to be wiping something your gone…. That drug can kill…”

Kenyans reacted to this incident by sharing their experiences;

“I boarded a Guardian bus from Kakamega last night which seemed to have been involved in an accident as the 2-3 back windows from drivers left hand side had broken…. The staff from Kk office cleared it while we were standing there and telling us if we want we wait till the next day to see if we can get another bus to ferry us to Nairobi……..we kept quiet and used it with an extremely reckless driver who wasn’t mindful of time… On reaching Nakuru we had to wait for the window tena ifanyie ukarabati as the lady complained of extreme cold after imewekwa boxes from Kakamega….We arrived safely in Nairobi and grateful to God…Still the luggage offloaders were talking trash to the passengers as if it’s a free ride we were given… I left KCP 7 (9)88U” Sylvia Egessa

“The last time I tried to board this bus was 3 yrs ago. Very rude, arrogant employees full of pride and self entitlement. It was approaching Christmas, survival for the fittest as usual. I saw people literally bribe those ticket guys to get tickets while I ‘wrestled’ there with my then pregnant wife. Finally we used a different though it cost us an arm and a leg. Never again!” Albert Omuko

“Most likely they are in a cahoot with the said criminals .. so scaring given the fact a drug could be inhaled not necessarily through igestion” Akolo Annie

“Never take any food, be it njugu, mahindi choma, biscuits, sweets from fellow passenger. If you have bottled water or soft drink you are taking, never leave it on the seat when going to relieve yourself. Never allow a fellow passenger to make your collar, tie or to remove any dirt from your face. Like, “Kuna uchafu hapa kwa uso nikupanguzie.” He’ll use that chance to apply a drug that will make you dizzy when you inhale. Be alert when traveling.” Felix Ochieng’

“I Boarded Guardian Tablet from Nairobi to kisumu, the driver was too much on his phone at some point he almost lost control and went off the road.We had to make lots of noise for him to stop using his phone,ile makasiriko alikuwa anatuendesha nayo tulifika ksm nikaambia Mungu Asante.” Maureene C. Achieng’

“Their Services are deteriorating, I travelled from Nairobi to Kisumu on 28th December, the Driver almost killed us due to Fatigue, we got an accident in Nakuru after he knocked another car, lost time negotiating, after 1hr the driver told us he had arrived in Nairobi the same day@1am and was informed to take next Shuttle back to Kisumu@5am, he was literally sleeping while driving, hopefully we reached but with an incident in Nakuru, that’s like 2pm arriving in Kisumu, then the driver was told again by 8pm he’s to take the bus to Nairobi, I was shocked when do they get to Rest, this drivers are fully fatigued, I think the festive season should not make them break the laws all time, otherwise we are just surviving by God’s grace” Bernard K Lutta

“They drugged my friend and stole everything from her I fear guardian angels I beta work home” Vikkiee Wanapoo revealed

“Very bad. I got an accident when I boarded one of there bus in 2014 and they never cared to take me to the hospital nor even know my whereabouts. I was rushed to kijabe ICU at night I don’t know whereabouts of the rest.” Born Marche

“Very rude customer care people at the counter especially Kisumu” Vincencia Fiona

“All their employees are kissi who are very I repeat, veery rude.” Dee Nyar Ugenya

“Another sad thing I noted with guardian, upon reaching Nairobi from let’s say kisumu, Busia, Eldy and it is around 4:00 am.they harass passengers to get out claiming that ” tokeni mngoje huko chini gari inaenda workshop” and mind you some people fear/ don’t know Nairobi and they have to wait for someone to pick them. I pitied one lady who had kids akiuliza “naenda wapi saa hii na watoto na sijui Nairobi”” Njahira Bi

“I think it’s time we sued some of these service providers and got a healthy compensation ndio watu wapate adabu. Why are people taking human life so lightly?” Tina J Nicholas

“Poor customer service,I will never forget december 2018” Rozy Oderah

“I lost my luggage worth Ksh30,000 followed up n gave up siwezi jipata hapo any day.” Christabel Sanya

“My only problem is, why are buses enroute to bondo- Usenge normally very old? Ni kutudharau ama” Catherine Njeri

“Guardian Angel buses have the worst customer care service. Apparently my parcel lost on 29/4/2019, after it was sent from the Riveroad branch to Sirare. On trying to follow I was blocked on watsapp and Facebook and all calls go unanswered. They said that goods are carried at owner’s risk” Winfred Wathome

“I think Hawa watu wa hizi buses hujuana na hao watu, the same happened to my sister akitoka shule, but this was green line bus,from Nairobi to kitale,everything was taken away from her,the worst is wanaambia my mum to pay money for cleaning waiting Bay, she was vomiting non stop,my mum was still in shock and confused, she paid them 200,na bila aibu walichukua, akawa unconscious for two good days. When we asked who sat next to her wakasema hawamjui alishukia njia ni and that was the end of it.” Rose Mulama

“At this rate, a personal car is no longer a luxury but a necessity” Akede Hazel

“You paid the required fare and they accepted it. The business deal was complete. You boarded sober and thereafter what happened to you is the bus company responsibility. Whoever dragged you is the Guardian bus’s protected criminal. The burden is on Guardian bus to produce their criminal for criminal responsibility or take responsibility themselves on behalf of their criminal who they are keen to protect. That’s how it works and will work, until they settle damages for their negligence!” Kepha Mwebi

“Guardian buses are comfortable. However, they’re not disciplined! They stop everywhere dropping & picking passengers hence security is wanting!
Some of their drivers are very unethical too, they can stop just to story with the person they know & this can go on for even 10- 15mins as passengers painfully waits. I once travelled to mumias, on my daughters opening day, we left nairobi at 7.45am & reached mumias past 8pm, we were sent away with my daughter, we had to book a hotel & report the following day! Never been so annoyed! It’s a good bus but they can do better!!!” Adhiambo Aluoch observed.

Will Guardian Angel clear their name on this? Time will tell.

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