Governor Waiguru Faces Accusers Before Senate Team

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The county assembly of Kirinyaga claimed that the decision to impeach Ms. Ann Waiguru was the only option. The MCAs accused her of being rude and that she has dictatorial tendencies.

The MCAs claimed that Ms. Waiguru never had time for them as their governor.

While supporting Waiguru’s impeachment on Tuesday, the Ward representatives claimed that Waigiru is a corrupt official who used the public resources as she pleases. They said that the governor had less opinion of the Kirinyaga County Assembly as well as its constitutional oversight mandate.

MCA David Kinyua, who represents Mutira Ward and who successfully moved the motion of Waiguru’s impeachment defended the move saying that the decision to remove Waigiru out of her seat was the last resort.
“The governor is rude. We go to her office, but she insults and walks out on us,” Mr. Kinyua said.

The MCAs impeached governor Ann Waiguru on the accounts of gross violation of the Constitution, the law, and abuse of office.

They claim that the governor has failed to deliver the state-of-the-county address in the past two years and has been continuously violating the laws of procurement by placing her strong supporters in critical positions in the County tender committee.

During his interrogation by the committee, Mr. Kinyua said that Ms. Waiguru forced the County Public Service Board in recruiting Ms. Pauline Kamau, as the director of administration although she did not qualify for the position.

Ms. Kamau was less experienced compared to the person who was removed from the position.

The MCA also claimed that Ms. Waiguru similarly placed Ms. Kamau and Wayne Gichira, her ICT advisor in the tender committee to take care of her interests in all major tenders in Kirinyaga County.

He said Waiguru’s decision was illegal because the law does not allow any partisan staff of a governor to sit in the committee.

Mr. Kinyua said that because of the presence of the two in the tender committee, Velocity Ltd, a company he considers fictitious, has won tenders for the supply of software management system for health facilities in Kirinyaga.

The Ward reps also accuse Waiguru of irregularly taking loans from a local bank to buy a vehicle without the approval of the County Assembly.

“The executive prepared a budget with a vote for the purchase of the vehicle as part of the development budget instead of a recurrent budget and the office of the controller of budget refused to approve it,” he said.
“Instead, the county secured a loan facility and used it to purchase the Toyota Land Cruiser for use by the governor,” he added.

Mr. Kinyua further accused Ms. Waiguru of receiving an imprest for a foreign trip to the US and Italy which she never made. She received 10.6 million for the trip which Mr. Kinyua claims the governor never made.

While the ward reps told the senate committed that Ms. Waiguru has never delivered the state of county address for the past two years, the governor claimed that she has including one delivered on a hospital.

The governor’s lawyers, Paul Nyamodi, Andrew Karani, and Kamotho Waiganjo, subjected Mr. Kinyua to a barrage of questions and asked him to provide evidence against Ms. Waiguru.

They demanded that the MCA provide evidence in the form of a bank statement or Integrated Financial Management Information Systems logs to prove his claims.

Ms. Waiguru claimed that she made trips to the US. and Italy and she was sitting alongside Majority leader James Murano. She said they were photographed together with the majority leader.

Ms. Waiguru claimed that the accusations are proof of abuse of the process of impeachment and power of the County Assembly.

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