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Gideon Moi to make major announcement this Thursday

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Gideon Moi to make major announcement this Thursday

Baringo Senator and KANU Chairman Gideon Moi. | Photo/Courtesy

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Baringo Senator Gideon Moi is set to make a major announcement this Thursday at the Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi.

While speaking to journalists from his Sacho home, the Kenya African National Union (KANU) party leader revealed that he will be officially launching his 2022 bid for the presidency.

Senator Moi stated that he will not relent in his pursuit of the country’s top seat, one his late father held for 24 years.

While suggesting that he will be one of the two top contenders in the 2022 race for State House, the KANU party leader asked members of his community to support his bid.

He persuaded his tribesmen to think of his candidature as a win for them, promising to concede defeat peacefully in case he is not elected.

“I have already made an ultimate decision and I am not backing down, however tough the duel is. I am only asking my community to support me in this journey and not backstab me. f I lose, I will have lost humbly than being despised and if I win, it will play to our advantage as well and I am very optimistic that we will trounce our opponents to clinch the presidency,”

he stated.

KANU officials say the meeting will be held in strict compliance with the COVID-19 protocols. Some delegates are expected to attend virtually.

This would be KANU’s second stab at the presidency since 2002 when the late former President Daniel Moi, Gideon’s father, handed over the mantle to Uhuru, who then lost to NARC’s Mwai Kibaki.

On Sunday, Gideon received the green light from Baringo delegates to seek the KANU ticket for the 2022 presidency, putting the best foot forward in his quest to go for the country’s top job.

“Kanu will be on the presidential ballot in 2022,” Salat said.