Frustrated Kenyans Accuse The Government Of Being Above The Law

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The political scene has become a hot seat and full of drama, from the formation of Jubilee Asili that got people talking, to dispersion of some politicians’ rallies, this has got Kenyans once again ready to express their views on the happenings. All the juice started when COTU chair Francis Atwoli held a successful meeting at his home to call for Luhya unity, then followed Bonny Khalwale a man linked to be an ally of the Deputy President William Ruto doing the same but this time things were unlike his counterpart, Khalwale’s rally was dispersed by the police and thereafter got arrested for not abiding to the COVID19 measures put in place. Kakamega governor also held a rally with other luhya leaders which went on well then recently Ford Kenya chair who has been one frustrated fellow following opposition from a section of leaders to kick him out as the party’s chair followed suit which ended in a dramatic scene as the police responded by dispersing his convoy in Bungoma. 

An interesting part of all this was that the rallies held were going against the COVID19 measures such as maintaining social distance clearly not observed, in the rallies from the images spreading around social media you would notice a handful of the individuals whether politicians or the common mwananchi that some had either put on the mask inappropriately or not wearing them at all. It is also interesting to note that some of the politicians had special Privileges to move in and out of the towns under restrictions of movements. A move that has led to the topic sparking debate on whether politicians were immune to spreading or contracting the infectious virus.

Kirinyaga governor aspirant Martha Karua had this to say on the matter “No such thing as illegal meeting”, this was in response to dispersion of Wetangula’s convoy as reported by standard digital. She further responded tona report compiled by daily nation by stating “We are back to the dark days of blatant violation of fundamental rights especially the freedom of assembly”.

As the topic got hot with ever passing minute Karua seemed not be left behind, she commented on one of the comments from a Kenyan who seemed not to agree with her citing that holding of rallies should be applied to everyone out there and that no politician is above the law since they are equally risking the lives on innocent Kenyans from crowding thus increasing the chances of Corona infections. Martha responded to his comment by writing this on her tweeter account, “Is your view then that COVID19 only strikes convoys that are out of favor with the executive?”

Kenyans expressed their view on the topic by explaining that they felt the cessation of movement in and out of restricted towns, social distancing and staying at home to prevent the disease From spreading only applied to ordinary civilians. A section of Kenyans also came out to comment of the recent happenings of Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula by accusing him of risking the lives of his people by holding a rally, some Kenyans also came to his defense by citing that leaders who were linked to be BBI supporters seem to walk scorch free despite holding rallies and meetings similar to that of Wetangula and Khalwale’s, they cited a good example being Francis Atwoli.

One thing they all seemed to agree with was that regardless of which party they support, all politicians should be treated equally to those who elected them by also observing the COVID19 measures. Kenyans also took to social media to raise complaints of police brutality should they not follow such measures such as observing curfew hours and wearing of masks while politicians walk away scorch free and even shielded by the same police. The section of Kenyans posed a question to their leaders asking them whether the rich are above the law and if politicians were immune to spreading the virus. 

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