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Former MCA exposes the rot in Homa Bay county

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Kennedy Ondiek, a former member of county assembly of Homa county has exposed the rot in the county government of Homa Bay. In an open letter written to the county government,the he single handedly faced the County Executive Committee (CEC) member for finance, oneĀ  Nicholas Koriko accusing him over a number of issues.

Here is the letter entitled, “Koriko is the Problem in Homa Bay”

“As we pray for HE Govn Cyprian Awiti to have a quick recovery, I wish to state very categorically that we are NOT going to accept that Nickolas Koriko manipulates the operations of the County for his own gain and at his will.

It might be difficult for people to talk but I have decided to do so whether He will attempt to kill me or not.

What Nicholas Koriko, the CEC member for Finance MUST know are the following:

You MUST be ready to tell the people of Karachuonyo and Homa Bay County at large what you know about the current situation in Homa Bay County and the Medical condition of the Governor.

Why do I say this?

Being a complete insider and undoubted friend to the Governor, I insist that you MUST explain the following to us:
1. Why did you have to be the one assigning the handlers of Governor’s microphone? What is the relationship between you and the handlers of the Governor?

2. As you always run after the governor, why did you let Governor leave Orero alone only to run to his home when you had heard that he is already sick, two hours later?

3. When Prof. Muga had organized for the AMREF Flying Doctors and advised that the Governor be airlifted to Nairobi, why did you have to insist to get onto the flight with him. How do you remove Dr. Muga who is a medic only to let you fly to Nairobi with the Governor knowing very well that you are not a medic? Why did you claim that the Governor wanted you to go with him while at that time the Governor was in a comma? Which language did he use for you that the other people present could not get?

4. When Awiti arrived in Nairobi with you at 1pm in your presence, why was Governor attended to many hours later at 7.15 pm and not immediately? How can you claim that you did not have money to commence the treatment of the Governor? How come you could not pay the charges at Agha Khan Kisumu and instead you only signed a commitment like you always do to Hotels without paying? Who will pay the commitment to the hospital in respect to Governor’s treatment?

5. I want you, Mr. Koriko, to explain to the people why the Governor’s medical cover could not apply in treating the Governor since you are the person in charge of submitting such deductions to the relevant recipients? It must be known that you have not been remitting all deductions in respect to the medical cover of all employees in Homa Bay including Governor. Now, Governor could not be attended to immediately due to your orchestrated negligence. Could it really be true that you have eaten too much that you can’t wish to see Governor live to fire you?

Why did you have to ensure that Carilus Ademba leave so that you remain in control? Do you think the constitution is stupid to let you rule even if your plan succeeds?

I am, for any reasons, aware that you and your corehot have grown too powerful and dangerous. I am further aware that you have developed your own government within Awiti’s Government and you think that you can now move on with your plan.

I am pretty clear in my mind that you are behind positioning of some people in the Governor’s car and his office and ensured that the same team travels with the Governor and even decides even what Governor eats and even when he sleeps. Why must you take breakfast and supper in Governor’s home on daily basi, why don’t you settle to do your work in your office. I think this your incompetence and craftiness has taken you too far.

You have deliberately taken over procurement sectors of the government and that you have made your interest such that even if it is a contract worth Ksh. 100,000 or even Ksh. 100 Million, you must have your interest paid. You have taken Governor at ransom, you have taken the revenue to the last penny, you have ensured that you removed from around the governor any person from Karachuonyo so that you remain to control the Governor. You have cut out all Ministers, you have cut out the Deputy Governor, you have cut out the County Secretary… you have decided to play alone.


It is time we said enough is enough. Koriko MUST resign immediately. I am saying that:

1. For Awiti to be treated well and fast so as to be alive again, Koriko MUST go.
2. For the safety of the Governor and his health as well, Koriko MUST go.
3. For the well-being of the interest of Karachuonyo, Koriko MUST go.
4. For Homa Bay to be developed and and that procurement to be free and fair for people to get their payments, Koriko MUST go.

We MUST stand as one, Homa Bay Must know the truth. We want many truth and you MUST not stop us. Step aside before you you reply me.”

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