Flying the Business Class for the First Time? What to know

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One social media user, Muha Ceasar, has wowed other social media users with a thrilling story of his first experience of business class. Enjoy.

“Ever flown business class? Come here and let’s share some experiences.

Was used to my usual things of flying economy and never in my life thought I would be in the front seats. Had the pleasure of flying business class from Entebbe to Beijing on Emirates. I made sure I booked a window seat through the entire trip. I didn’t want to miss a thing. After getting my boarding pass, I was directed to the business class lounge in Entebbe. I was afraid of ordering anything to eat thinking I was going to be billed. The lady at the counter told me, “Sir, feel free to eat and drink whatever you like, it’s all on the house”. I refused to eat. Why? In my mind, I said, if food is this plenty here in the lounge, how will it be on the plane 😂. I took a soda and laid back.

During boarding time, business class people are priority. Forget the long queues in economy. The moment I got to my seat, the hostess walked up to me and with a warm smile asked; “Welcome Sir, what can I offer you? Juice, wine or a glass of champagne?” Ha ha! I was used to economy life where you have to wait for dinner time to be served and choose from either beef or chicken. I went for some orange juice and nuts.

Fast forward, we reached Dubai Airport. I was still used to economy life where you get to the airport and loiter around and window shop as you wait for the next flight. My colleagues led me to the Emirates Business Class Lounge. I should say those 5 hours wait were the best in my whole travel life. I was spoilt for choice, should I eat first, take a shower, take a nap, enjoy WiFi, or just take a tour of the whole lounge? Trust me, I did everything. I started with meals as the lounge is filled with waitresses ready to serve you from the ala carte menu, chef’s special or buffet. It’s an all-eat-what-you-can festive in there. Meals done, I took lots of drinks, snacking on whatever my tummy felt it could handle. 2 hours to the flight, I took a shower ready for the 8 hour leg to Beijing. From Entebbe, we had flown on the Boeing 777-300. Next up was the mother of all planes, Airbus A380. I walked past the guys queueing for Economy Class bossing with my bag like I have never been there before. As the Economy guys took the longer route to their lower deck of the plane, we get ushered to the shorter route to the upper deck of the plane. Lord! I wanted to scream and call my mama, and tell her “I made it mama” . Trust me, the airline puts it’s most beautiful & experienced hostesses in Business and First Class. The seat got bigger, more leg room, a bigger screen, bigger blanket and bigger everything, I also felt bigger at that time. Drinks started flowing in and they brought the menu. You tell the chef what you want for starter, main course, dessert just the way you want it. 3 hours into the flight, most guys were sleeping and trust me, even the ones in business class snore. I didn’t want my journey to go to waste, I toured the upper deck and went to peep at the ones in economy just to confirm we didn’t leave them in Dubai.

I came back up and went straight to the onboard lounge and my oh my! For a moment, I forgot about brokenness. You just take a bench and tell the bar man to mix you a drink of your choice. The lavatories this side are not crowded. They are spacious unlike the ones in economy where folks have to line up like back in school.

My best experience was not having to line up at the airport, they make you feel like you own the plane yet you don’t even know the price of jet fuel.

Piece of advice, I know it’s costly but if you ever get to fly and can afford business, go for it especially for long flights. You won’t regret.

Next up, First class after all the best memories are made with pages of a passport.”

(Muha, wonderlust Diaries)

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