Flower Farms Re-open

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It now calls for a reason to smile, after more than 200,000 flower farmers lost their job for three months. Flower farm business was the most hit in context after the break of this notorious COVID-19. The famous Naivasha farm reports having had a 20 percent drop in terms of export for the past two months.

It was just yesterday that the famous company in this sector (LNGG) announced that it continues. Moreover, they seemed to have had already hit the target of a 60 percent mark about the exports. They also posted a positive future of their business, remarking that there is still hope set on this business.

According to the Chief Executive Officer Joseph Kariuki, he remarks that the EU market was reopening and that as in progression, more and more staff are continuously getting back to work by the day.

“Currently, our exports stand at 60 percent despite challenges such as high freight charges since many airlines are not operational, but we hope that this will change with time,” he signed off.

Joseph Kariuki went further to deny the allegations that his company has sacked over 10,000 workers, leaving them jobless. However, this is not set to be the case. He comments at a stakeholder meeting at Hells Gate National Park that most of its workers are still there and are just at home for a short period, and they are receiving no form of payment.

Another flower farm, the MD being Jack Kneppers, commented that on a typical day, they would export an average of 220,00o rose flower stems. He went further, put it out, and said that around 700 workers on his farm were back to business, responding to the relevant increase in demand of the flowers.

He further denoted +though their reopening and they are keenly observing all the government regulation that is cast upon them. In that, they have mandatory pit measures to the corresponding company to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and keep on check on all the workers’ temperatures.

Jack Kneepers pleads to be happy concerning the ongoing reopening of the flower farm business. He remarks that although at least 75 percent of the cargo airplanes are operating, most of the flower farm business is still under the table. This is because most of the farmers are timid to show up again because of the significant losses they had to incur after the massive COVID-19 outbreak.

This, however, is not all green, as the (KPWAU) Kenya Plantations and Agricultural Workers Union Secretary General Ferdinand Juma claims that most of the employers’ contracts have been manipulated in response after the COVID-19 outbreak. This intern puts the works on the line as they got little things to do as some of their contracts are shaped and changed to favour the employer wants.

He further comments that most employers of the corresponding flower farms give irrational excuses for changing their employer’s contracts. Some of them being that they are also facing an awkward moment that they have to bear with them.

“We understand that the pandemic has seen farmers incurring huge losses, but it is illegal to review the employee’s contract following this pandemic,” Ferdinand Juma signs off.

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