FinTech: Easier way to buy electricity, airtime across Networks in Kenya

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Purchasing airtime across networks, paying post paid bills to Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) and buying electricity token from KPLC has been made easier through Tsenda, a product of Kibo Capital Group Limited.

Kibo Capital Group Limited is a financial technology and service solution provider that has focused on the continued innovation around the pain points customers go through daily in the course of their interactions.

Tsenda is a Safaricom PLC’s Paybill-backed system, supported by Kibo Capital’s PaymentGate LLP e-Receipting system.

With a mobile phone, you can now purchase airtime for any network be it Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom by sending SMS using short code 40512 for example to buy airtime for your Safaricom line; one just sends the amount to the toll-free short code and wait for prompt to enter PIN; to purchase airtime for Airtel and Telkom, one needs to enter mobile number, followed by hashkey (#), then the amount and wait for prompt for PIN.

The toll-free short code can also be used when you want to purchase prepaid electricity token, all you need to do is sending your account number and amount to 40512. For those on KPLC Post Paid, the Paybill Number to use is 732929, saving time and money and also offering a cheap retrieval of past receipts.

“When one purchase airtime using this Paybill, they receive a branded electronic receipt that not only shows their transaction details, of course hiding the sensitive parts, but also has adverts on amazing offers. Companies can exploit this innovative e-Receipt and make money,

“It is now easier for one to pay their Post Paid bills and retrieve earlier payments through a statements, saving time and money in the long run,” the Kibo Capital Group MD Jasper Ochieng said.

It’s worth noting that for every transactions one does, the system generates an e-Receipt that has adverts on exciting offers and important information to customers. Firms can now consider advertising with TSenda which now boasts of having millions customers who purchase token, pay for electricity and buy airtimes with them everyday.

Tsenda provides three solutions; the paymentGate, chapeo lending application and Sacco Guarantor Management Systems. PaymentGate is the one that provides customers with tamper proof electronic receipts that records digital mobile transaction as has been indicated previously.

“With our platform, you can communicate with your customers as you issue instant digitally branded payment receipts for each payment executed. You can also monitor their experiences digitally,” says Jasper Ochieng, the MD at Kibo Capital Group and the brain behind PaymentGate.

“What’s more?” MD paused. Going further to expound that, “We give you an environment friendly e-Receipts that will share with you incredible deals and offers all over the country to help you even save more money as we take care of the only planet we have”

In Chapeo Lending Application, Tsenda uses the application to provide short term credit solutions, employee advances, payroll processing just to mention a few.

Lastly in Sacco Guarantor Management Systems, together with other partner networks, Tsenda provides financial solutions to partner members.

Having interacted with Tsenda, it is the future that is already here.

“Through Tsenda’s toll-free shortcode, one can buy airtime to any network. Very convenient,” a user of the service confided in us.

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