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Ezekiel Mutua Fires Warning To Those Sharing Private Conversations On Social Media

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Dear Kenyans who like recording and sharing private conversations on social media, Kenya Film Commission Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua is watching you.

The head of film and TV programming in the country on Sunday July 19 called out those notorious for leaking private conversations on social media.

He deemed such acts as ‘primitive and immoral’ via a post on his Twitter account.

“The culture of recording private conversations and posting them on social media is primitive and immoral.” he wrote.

WhatsApp on a smartphone. Source: Citizen Digital

“This epitomizes how long we have sunk in breaking trust in human relationships. It takes a very weak and morally bankrupt person to record and share a private conversation”. he concluded.

Many prominent Kenyan personalities, celebrities, even ordinary Kenyans have or have had their secrets exposed to the masses online. Even journalists have not been spared.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Wednesday July 15 found himself on the wrong side with netizens after posting a private conversation he had with a Standard Group journalist after learning his interview will not be published.

A visibly disappointed Kuria, whose interview was set to appear in the Standard newspaper this Friday, July 17, posted the private WhatsApp chat on Facebook where the journalist, identified as Vivianne Wandera, was informing him about the cancellation.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria

Taking to Facebook, the Tanga Tanga lawmaker blamed the issue on the media house bosses whom he called “deep state” and told Wandera that she was not to blame.

“I spent the entire Sunday afternoon doing an interview with Standard Group’s Vivianne Wandera for the ‘On the Carpet’ column that was to appear in the Standard this Friday.

“It has just been cancelled. Pole sana (I am so sorry) Vivianne. You are not a loser. By giving in to the dictates of the deep state, your bosses are the losers,” he said.

The leaked private conversation between Moses Kuria and the Standard Group journalist Vivianne Wandera. Source: Facebook

In the comment section, netizens ripped him apart for endangering the media personality’s job by leaking the conversation.

Many said he should learn confidentiality because the journalist would be victimised by her seniors for the chat.

“No wonder it was cancelled. You have no respect for confidentiality. If the lady wanted it to be known she would have said it herself but owe into your values and ethics.” blasted Wanjiru Kimemia.

“You are here yapping about the cancellation of your interview just to show how strong you are at least in your own view while forgetting how you have put someone’s daily bread at risk. Learn to keep secrets if need be.” wrote Hamilton Mwawasi.

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