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Extraction; The best blockbuster 2020

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Ever since Thor’s first debut, Chris Hemsworth has been associated with thunder and lighting. In fact there is this one time I heard my aunt coax my niece using Thor; she told her not to be afraid of thunder, Thor was probably having a temper tantrum due to Loki or Odin. Modern day parenting huh?

We all knew Chris Hemsworth as the hammer wielder with invincible strength, taut body and gorgeous smile. He was a hero, the saving grace for his people. But then in End game he became a raging alcoholic with an eerie attachment to his cable and legit disdain for showers, did I mention he grew a Buddha tummy? Oh how the mighty had fallen. Despite that we all adored him at the end when he summoned lightning by striking an enchanting rod causing a French twist countenance to take over his ragged features. That’s just the thing with this guy, he plays his role to the tee. I mean who else can play a gallant hero in one moment and a drunken stupor in the next? His dynamics in character development are nothing short of phenomenal.

So it goes without saying that we were all excited to hear that he was playing the role of a black market mercenary who has nothing to lose in the movie, Extraction. We have seen Chris Hemsworth protective of his people, his friends, his family and even the planet but have we ever really seen him protective of a child? Well then you are in for a real treat! In this movie, our god of lightning is hell bent on salvaging the life of a child who has been taken hostage. This kid is not just any kid, his father is a renown guy globally and not because he is a philanthropist or a musician. The kid’s father is an international crime lord, who happens to be in prison. His living situation do not render him helpless though. Even from prison he still pulls strings so as to rescue his son. His career doesn’t look that bad does it?

Now we already know that Chris Hemsworth can pack a mean punch or two but all we mostly see is him using the hammer right? Well this time he is up against a menacing drug lord. The kind that can shut a whole city down and turn everyone into your foe.
In this blockbuster, Hemsworth employs actual combat and not the blown out of proportion one, the real kind. The fight scenes are enthralling and involving. You can literally feel the metallic taste that comes after you receive a blow to your gut; its that good. Apart from enjoying Chris Hemsworth’s fighting skills we get to see his journey as he tries to keep the kid safe in a city crawling with the drug lord’s henchmen. An unlikely bond forms between the two making this dangerous quest simply heart warming. And also how exactly do you move around in such a sketchy environment with a kid? You are bound to run into trouble right? Who do you even trust when a luscious bounty is issued on a kid? Suddenly, the hired black market mercenary who had nothing to lose now has everything to lose, his next to impossible mission.

The cast selection was also well done with most of them fitting the setting remarkably. With familiar people like Derek Luke (from 13 reasons why) and Randeep Hooda. Personally, I enjoyed seeing Derek in a different role that doesn’t include his psychiatric abilities.

Forbes actually predicted that this movie would be the next best blockbuster movie after Mwogli. They were right!

Extraction is brought to you by the Russo brothers (the directors of Avengers; End game), Sam Hargrave and Chris Hemsworth himself.

Extraction made its debut on Netflix on April 24th. Even after months of its release, there is still static hovering over it. The reception was extraordinary as people marveled over how unpredictable the storyline was.

If you have not had a glimpse of it yet, please download it. I promise you, those 2 hours will make you want to consider switching career choices.

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