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Exposed: Meet a Kenyan athlete who is determined to ruin families in the US

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(Naomi Simei Tekweny)

As young people continue to seek opportunities abroad, there is rising hope among parents and siblings that sooner or later poverty will be a thing of the past. When opportunities come knocking such parents would sell everything to raise money to see their offspring off in the airports as they remain in high spirit. Little is known back at home what these young people quickly changed into when they land in the lands of equals.

Sources say, only few remain students who travel abroad stay true to the course, majority pursue other things such as sex for money.

One such character is Naomi Simei Tekweny commonly known as Simei Tekweny, a sophomore at Houston Baptism University who has turned out to be desperate, wicked, low in character and q home wrecker. 

Naomi Simei who left Kenya to the USA a year ago on athletic scholarship is said to be having a record of going after married men.

Ms Simei went to US on an athletic scholarship which is now in jeopardy as it looks like she isn’t good enough in running so somehow she is not getting enough money on her scholarship, and so she probably  thought a girl got to do what she has to do to survive in the USA. That is how she found herself preying for married men.

To her it doesn’t matter whether it’s illegal or legal, she has to keep those cheques coming from married men in order to get herself through college. It was just last year sometimes in May when she was a Frenchman in college that she got exposed by another lady on Facebook for having an affair with her husband and receiveing money from him and it looks like she doesn’t care and won’t stop because she is now having an affair with another lady’s husband.

These are some of her photos from the affair she is currently in. This is someone’s husband that she has currently enjoying his money. The family of the man has requested that we hide the man’s identity.

Simei whose parents believe is making money abroad at the same time studying is a shameless lady and does not have manners whatsoever nor any kind of respect for families.

“She is a homewrecker and it’s a trend and  a habbit for her. She is wasting too much energy running after people’s husband and she just arrived in the US, instead she should be using that energy to run better, for better scholarship!” Our source reveal.

She has never run any good times which she needs to run inorder to maintain her scholarship. Her parents and relatives are probably very proud of her here in Kenya saying how their daughter is working hard, not knowing she is running after married men instead of running good to maintain her college eligibility through her  scholarship.

She needs to slow down, she gonna get worn out early and by the time she is a senior, all married men in America will have already gotten tired of using her.

Sources allege that she has a little dirty secret that; before she left for US she had to abort in order to be able to attend college.

“Wrecking families is her thing and she has guts, going ahead trying to manipulate my husband  to abandon his family and son  and even telling  him that his son will look for him when he grows up! “Who really does such things?”” The latest victim told 254News.

She went on to say, “I have seen wicked people but, she is definitely at another whole level considering she has not even turned 20yrs. Maybe she should know Jesus, and ask His help because she got some serious issues that needs God’s intervention. She should ask Jesus to help her get a single man not other women’s husbands.” The source advised.

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