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Ex MP from Nyanza now leading Ruto’s militia team in Kibra

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Nearly two weeks to Kibra by-elections, it’s evidently clear that Kibra is having a three horse race namely; Jubilee’s McDonald Mariga, ANC’s Eliud Owalo and ODM’s Benerd Okoth(Imran). Out of the three, the ODM candidate who is also being sold as the handshake candidate is seen as the front-runner.

With DP Ruto’s game plan of bringing a jubilee candidate with monies to spoil the votes failing, he has resorted to a militia team that is headed by former Nyatike MP Edick Omondi Anyanga.

Anyanga sold himself to Ruto as one of the Raila’s insiders who is privy to the tactics Raila uses. He was recruited to deploy these tactics in Kibra.

Anyanga has a record in chaos just like Ruto as ODM MPs claimed a fortnight ago in a joint stament,

“The pattern of events, the impunity by Ruto and the insults he is embarking on indicate just one thing: It is not elections Ruto wants in Kibra. Ruto is looking for chaos, violence and war. That is why he is dragging Raila into this contest. Ruto wants to provoke the people of Kibra to respond to his contempt for them and for Raila and his insults so that chaos may erupt because Ruto thrives in chaos and violence.” Their joint statement read in part.

254News has learnt that the Anyanga-led team operates in Kibra at night. They enter Kibra as soon as the the sun goes down and leaves at dawn. Together with Ruto’s PA Farouk Kibet, they comb the area while bribing voters.

“There is a possibility that people are already voting in Kibra” a source told 254News.

Ruto’s violence is not a surprise to anyone since it was the role he played in 2007 post election violence that that saw him taken to International Criminal court.

Last week, ODM linked him to massive violence in Kibra in 2017 due to his bitterness with Raila,

“We know for a fact that it is Ruto’s bitterness with and contempt for Raila Odinga that was responsible for the unleashing of that massive violence on Raila’s supporters who turned up to receive him Raila Odinga has landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport from the USA on November 17th, 2017.” Odm said in a statement.

Since Anyanga started his new role in the Kibra by-elections, signs of violence have been witnessed in the area of late. It will not be a surprise if the chaos and violence witnessed in Kibra will be traced back to one Edick Omondi Anyanga and his boss DP Ruto.

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