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Equity Bank Robbery: Thieves Escaped Without Money

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Equity Bank Robbery: Thieves Escaped Without Money

Police officers in an operation at Equity Bank foiling robbery attempt

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Heavily armed robbers who broke into Equity Bank on Ang’awa Street in Kisumu yesterday did not steal any money.

In a statement posted on their official Facebook page, the bank asked their customers not to panic, saying no money was stolen.

“We had an incident where armed robbers gained access into the banking hall of our Kisumu Angawa Branch. Security agents led by local authorities are currently on the scene. The staff are safe and no cash was lost,” the bank stated.

Police are yet to apprehend four robbery suspects who raided the bank.

Nyanza Regional Commissioner Magu Mutindika said investigations were ongoing to trace the culprits and bring them to book.

Speaking to the press after finishing their operation at the bank, Mutindika said all people who were in the bank were being held by the police and would be released after recording statements on the matter.

“We agreed that all those who were in the bank should be taken to the police station and after this, we are going to do a thorough search to identify those who could be a party to the robbery. If we find anybody we suspect could have been involved in the matter, we are going to follow legal procedure,” Mutindika said.

The commissioner explained that the robbers entered the bank as customers before they started harassing customers and employees who were in the bank at the time.

The thieves then lobbed teargas to derail the officers operation as they engaged them in a serious shootout.

Mutindika also noted that some of the suspected robbers camped outside as their colleague walked in for the heist.

“There are some who entered while others remained outside. Tear gas was unleashed by those who entered the bank causing an impasse to customers who were inside,” he added.

According to police, the raid happened shortly after 11:30 am.

All the clients and Equity Bank staff members evacuated from the besieged building were taken to Central Police Station for interrogation.

The officers are hoping that they will be able to identify the suspects using a shirt which was left behind during an evacuation exercise.

“We have in our possession a man’s shirt. We suspect that the robbers had a change of clothes and left the banking hall during the evacuation of distressed clients,” Mutindika stated.

Police are now relying on witness statements, CCTV recordings, among other documents, to identify the suspects to help track down the robbers.

This, however, is not the first times thieves have raided Equity Bank branch.

On October 2, 2015, Equity Bank lost Ksh30 million after robbers masquerading as auditors from the head office in Nairobi entered its Othaya Branch in Nyeri and made away with the cash.

One year later, on November 9, 2016, a man made away with Ksh27 million from Equity Bank’s Kayole branch in Nairobi.

The man, who detectives believed colluded with bank staff to plan the Saturday night theft, locked his room and went under after the heist.

“He has been living here, even though I did not see him when he arrived,” said a businessman in an adjacent building. “The premises are usually used for business but he lived there” Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome stated.