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Embakasi East MP Babu Owino calls off demonstrations against NSSF amidst bribery claims

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Embakasi east MP Babu Owino has this morning suspended demonstrations against National Social Security Fund (NSSF) after he was allegedly compromised.

The young, vibrant legislator on Thursday evening announced that he was to lead the residents of Embakasi East Constituency in a peaceful demonstration on Friday morning. The demonstration was to begin at the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) headquarters where they were to eject the Chairman General Julius Karangi before proceeding to the Ministry of Lands to eject officials too.

He also threatened to “light a fire under their buttocks and they will learn that you cannot sit on the sweat of honest Kenyans!”

Mr Owino claimed that the officials at NSSF and ministry of land “are incompetent and are working hand in hand with cartels to frustrate the hard working people of Embakasi East.”

He further claimed that NSSF sold land to residents of Embakasi East constituency over 15 years ago and have never released their title deeds to them stating “People took loans and sold assets in order to buy this land only to be scammed by people who are still sitting pretty in Government offices.”

However, that is different from his actions this morning.

He has since suspended the demonstrations saying his office is in receipt of written communication from NSSF and that they will sort his grievances.

“We have received written assurances (attached below) that the NSSF is working with the Ministry of Lands to process the documents for our Embakasi East people as fast as possible.” He said.

Letter from NSSF

While suspending the demonstrations, the former SONU chairman said, he will continue following up the matter.

“I therefore temporarily suspend the planned demonstrations to give them a chance to fulfill their written pledges. I will however still personally go to these offices to get the personal assurances from the Managing Trustee on this issue. Residents of Embakasi East must get what is due to them without fear or favor.”

Babu is feared on matters demonstrations as he had led very many successfully demos while serving as a student leader in University of Nairobi.

Contrary to his claims, a high placed source has told 254News that Embakasi East MP Mr Babu Owino was just piling pressure and tension so that he could reap big from NSSF top official.

Another source who is familiar to his dealings told 254News that Mr Owino was just broke and he needed something for the weekend. It is said, he was handsomely paid.

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