Effects of COVID-19 on the Film Industry

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Ever accidentally bitten your lip during a munching brawl with your food? Or directly opened a sufuria lid therefore coming into contact with the skin scalding steam? Or rushing to close a door and because of the unconscious pressing need to be done with the activity, you forget your pinky finger was in the way and the door completely crushes into it? Yes, I know, the pain is utterly blinding.

Although all these scenarios leave behind a funky looking wound, with time they heal leaving behind an even funkier scar. As of now, each one of us either has a wound or a scar.

The world is currently in a scare with COVID-19 taking the headlines every single day. The pandemic has not only taken lives but it has also crippled them as well. You see due to its means of contraction, social gatherings have been halted as a way of prevention. This roughly translates to conferences, events, congregation meetings etc., being disbanded. It’s like the world has come to a standstill as we await for this horror to dissipate.

Now while the music industry seems to be finding hacks to this disaster (mostly seen through artists still releasing hot tracks that have somehow incorporated the concept of corona virus), the film industry has suffered a bone cracking blow. Multiple films that were scheduled to be released this year have been pushed to indefinite or further dates!

I mean fans all over the world are in turmoil as they deal with the crushing disappointment of films such as; Antlers and The Lovebirds (starring Isa Rae) announcing that they have no new release dates. Some, like me, have been counting days to finally getting a glimpse of the sibling tussle between John Cena and Vin Diesel. Now we need 2021 calendars with the debut date being pushed to the coming year in April 2nd, April people!

Of course there are some films like Peter Rabbit 2 and No Time to Die who have ensured that their release dates remain to be within this year August 7th and November 12th respectively. Still, we cannot help the pang of disappointment can we?

Let us move on to the TV/movie production schedules shall we? Yes, even they have been immensely affected. As of March 13th at 3pm this year, the following films seized production; Shang-Chi, Mission Impossible 7 (11th February 2021), Riverdale (which is somehow a good thing with the unexpected break up of Jughead and Betty), Russian Doll sn 2, Little America sn 2, Rutherford Falls, The Flash sn 7 (release date has been pushed to January 2021), Shrunk, Home Alone, Nightmare Alley, Peter Pan and Wendy and The Little Mermaid. We do not know when some of these shows will be back on their horses so all we can do as fans is wait and pray that the pandemic ends soon before the film industry drowns.

Even though these particular movies are on hold, some films and shows have drilled their way out of the dark tunnel. Lucifer season 5 had ceased production due to the pandemic but the producers of the show have recently announced that fans should mark August 21st on their calendars.

Remember manners maketh a man? Well that’s right, the third sequel of King’sman is being released on September 17th. I cannot wait to see their unique ever classy gadgets!

There is also the animation adaptation of Mulan which was to be released earlier in the year. It’s release date is currently on July 24th. I must admit, I have a searing curiosity towards the character of Mulan. How will she pass for a boy in a boy camp?

We also have actors who have been ensnared by the virus. Idris Elba and Tom Hanks are only but a few examples. Some movie productions have ceased due to actors taking to the ailment.

I think we have to acknowledge shows that have employed savvy tactics so as to avoid wounding their fans. All Rise, for example, has taken a unique streak of conducting their production virtually. The show expertly wove the it’s storyline to fit their court proceedings online. That was simply ingenious!

The reason for this sudden shift of waves is because film production and debuts require a lot of people on deck which is risky given the circumstances. But even so, the pushing of these release/production dates have been a stake through the heart for everyone involved in the production/release of diverse films and most importantly the plethora of fans across the world.

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