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Do you know thieves can now milk your cows at night?

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Residents of Kinangop in a small village of Siriti, Nyandarua county are now living in fear after thieves were caught on Tuesday milking cows at night.

Farmers in this village became suspicious of a trend where they could milk their cows and get nothing. Some farmers thought it was due to the weather conditions, others held divergent opinions. This prompted the intervention of an expert.

They invited a local veterinary officer who urged them to increase their feed. Even after this prescription nothing changed. They compared notes further and unanimously resolved to stay woke and monitor their cows closely.

It was Joseph Githinji, one of the farmers, who would save the entire village. While on his routine of guarding his precious animals, he discovered something unusual – he spotted two people with milk baskets and water and quickly deduced that their intention was to milk the cows, he raised alarm and the thieves fled.

“Their intention was to milk my cows but immediately I raised alarm, they fled for safety. Upon searching at the farm, I found a jerrican full of milk,” he said.

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