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Details emerge of Mudavadi and Ruto’s secret meeting at an upscale Karen Hotel

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Details have emerged of a secret meeting between Musalia Mudavadi and Deputy President William Ruto at an upscale Karen Hotel

In the recent weeks, we have been treated to a rare open though not surprising onslaught by ANC Party Musalia Mudavadi on the person of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the ODM party.

Inside sources have revealed that Mudavadi and Deputy President William Ruto are in a political dalliance. Unbeknown to many, the duo recently held a secret meeting at a Karen hotel where a plan was hatched to find a Luo who couldn’t resist Ruto’s old one thousand shilling notes hidden in his various residences pending their expiry later this month. The Kibra by-election could not have come at a better time for DP Ruto to find a place to dispose of part of this loot.

Knowing so well that ODM party must settle on a luo as it’s candidate for Kibra because of so many factors, the game plan for DP Ruto is to bring a jubilee candidate with monies to spoil the votes and at the same time have a well funded candidate who can get both luo and luyha votes to try and win.

The two in the presence of Joshua, an ANC party official, and Faruk Kibet swore to reduce the ODM Party’s dominance in Nairobi by stopping at nothing even if it means paying off anybody that can be paid to embarrass ODM Party leader Raila Odinga and the Luo nation.

In a meeting that lasted well over two hours, Mudavadi’s love for the bottle was evidenced as he ordered extremely expensive 21 year old liquor as he sought courage to shed off his cowardly demeanor and transact the business at hand. Mudavadi uncharacteristically stammered throughout the whole meeting as most cowardly betrayers do and he spoke in extremely low tones. Mudavadi was offered a hefty package and advanced a substantial deposit of well over 5 million Kshs according to those privy who add that an additional 10 million was to be transferred to his wife Tessy’s account in a riverside branch of a local bank the following morning, with substantially more to be paid once Eliud Owalo presents his nomination papers to the IEBC. Owalo himself was kept abreast via phone at all crucial junctures and also contributed to the deliberation agreeing to all the conditions the Sugoi man insisted on.

Owalo was out of town on one of his numerous dodgy consultancies that mainly target public bodies in a well-rehearsed milking scheme that the “consultant” has seemingly perfected over the years.

“You saw how I sponsored that wiper woman in Langata? When it comes down to it, Luo’s are the most foolish people in Kenya. They have their own party but kimbelembele is their downfall. You have to play into that kimbelembele” Ruto said to Mudavadi and Joshua.

“Confronted with two Luos they will get confused, split their votes and Mariga is in” Ruto added barely hiding his visceral hatred for the Luo Community that stunned all those in attendance.

Mudavadi on his part promised that he will play the spoiler by continuing to stay in NASA but at the same time opposing the Handshake and the much awaited building Bridges initiative (BBI) report and made this a condition to bargain for additional funds over the long-term. Mudavadi’s greed amazed Ruto who is said to have told Faruk after the ANC duo left that “Kwani hii mtu(Mudavadi) anasema anataka kua rais ako na njaa kiasi gani hii jameni” [This man(Mudavadi) who says he want to be president, why is he this greedy?]

DP Ruto’s agenda in this by-election is the end of the Luos in Nairobi and national politics. Kibra by-elction is not pegged on development issues but a political field to settle scores on whose political star is rising and whose star is falling. DP Ruto is keen on political accolades against ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga who he want to depict as “finished” man in Nairobi by driving him out of his stronghold, Kibra.

If there is a time that the Luos needed to unite, then that time is now lest they become the laughing stock and a punching bag as well as the butt of unending derogatory jokes for known economic saboteurs who have stolen so much and have sworn to see the community divided.

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