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Desperate OdiBets now luring gamblers with fake sponsored stories on blogs

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The desperate Jimmy Kibaki-owned betting firm that has lost taste in the market, deduct unreasonable charges in the name of withholding taxes, and losing subscribers at an arlaming rates has now resorted to luring gamblers with fake sponsored stories to have them continue using their app while placing their odds. They use these stories as baits to trap unsuspecting Kenyans to continue betting with their firm when the reality is far from all these abracadabra.

The famous say that when the hyena want to eat its children, it first accuses them of smelling like a goat best explains what the OdiBets is doing to its customers.

Struggling and desperate OdiBets, a betting firm not so popular with betters, now pays blogs peanuts to advance their extortionism. Each blog is expected to post daily an already written story by the firm’s employees and earn a paltry fee of sh5,000 per week. OdiBets is one of the betting firms that were cleared by KRA to continue extorting desperate youths at the benefit of cartels.

Look at some of the jokes they sponsor through blogs that they pay little monies to place their stories daily and then pay them peanuts at the end of the week:

One title reads, “Is Odibets a Silver Lining for the Kenyan Betting Industry?”

How can OdiBets that deletes odds and refund you money after winning handsomely claims that they are now the silver lining in Kenyan betting industry?

It has been long since anyone win a handsome money from OdiBets since a Gatundu south man won sh460, 000. That one victory became the entry story in all the blogs they sponsored their stories in.

Gamblers win millions in other sites but they are not paraded all over as OdiBets do.

Look at how they lie to their customers in some of their less thought out articles to continue robbing desperate youths with illusions of becoming the next millionaires.

Cartels killed sportpesa after asking for ridiculous taxes and bribes. The well protected OdiBets betting firm is now claiming to be the most popular betting site in Kenya. Betting firms like 22bet which does not deduct taxes from gamblers but only use bonuses to pay taxes will not boast of how popular they are neither will they claim they are a notch higher than a number of betting sites as OdiBets do.

How can OdiBets shamelessly claim that they truly deliver what they promise and that they are Kenya’s fastest rising betting hope when they treat gamblers like non customers?

Odibets lure gamblers as a brand that has really grown tremendously and that their website is the 5th most visited website in Kenya after Betika according to mafans.com yet the truth is, they feature nowhere, just a mere strategy of luring gamblers.

After unsuccessfully sponsoring Mathare United to a tune of sh60 million for a three-year contract to provide the team with game kits, training kits, pay players and technical bench salaries and bonuses, they withdrew their support midway.

The management is said to have high appetite for money that they never worked for. Instead of working on a better strategy and earning money genuinely like sportpesa used to, theirs is to extort their customers. They hire people with no skills in PR to do shallow stories to trap youths who may not have time to read through and find facts on their own.

Those on the know say OdiBets does not only extort blogs but also their customers whose winnings are heavily taxed living winner’s with nothing to carry home.

It’s true you cannot withdraw more than Ksh20, 000 via MPesa which they’ll taxed you heavily in the name of withholding tax. What stops OdiBets to allow individuals withdraws the maximum amount Mpesa offers? They even lie to customers with imaginary 10% shelving of withholding tax.

Most crucial parts found in other betting sites such as 1xbet, 22bet’s menu is missing in OdiBets menu. This makes it difficult to make a win. They only allow betting amount ranging from sh49 and above when other betting sites allows sh22 or even much less.

254News are in possession of all the fake stories OdiBets have been sending blog owners at a paltry fee of sh5000, others receive as low as sh3000 per week after their greedy brokers have taken their brokerage fees.

Don’t confuse this strategy with marketing and were it so, then, the reward would be sure and better than what the greedy management of OdiBets are offering.

254News has learnt that so many gamblers in Kenya are deleting their accounts with OdiBets due to their poor customer service, cancellation of their winnings, delay of payments and extortion through withholding taxes. Many of their customers are feeling cheated and stolen from.

Most gamblers 254News engaged, not a single one is willing to continue placing their bets with OdiBets since they consider it a scam, untrustworthy, uncaring and a conduit for minting monies they never deserved. Too many complaints both through their customer service and also social media but no action taken, only threats from management through proxies.

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