Desperate and Cornered Washington Osiro alias “Dorcas Sarkozy” now using proxies for damage control

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(photo: Washington Osiro)

A desperate and cornered US based blogger Washington Osiro who has conned more than a dozen individuals using a social media name “Dorcas Sarkozy” is now using proxies for damage control.

Washington who hails from Kisumu county is using several explanations through proxies to clear the rotten egg out of his face.

Questions many are asking is, “Where was he when every other victim was raising the alarm? And of all the people, why is it only him that was trusted with DS Facebook account password? And for someone that has duped you before, how do you send her money to buy you a book from Kenya?”

Many believes that Washington Osiro has countless relatives in Kenya for crying out loud and so why did he have to use proxies?

“If he is innocent, then let him allow us to get the FBI involved. We need to look up IP address and phone call and texts records, both local and international.” A concerned social media user reacted.

Adding that, “All it takes is a simple warrant from a judge in a court with such jurisdiction.
This damage control should stop!”

Osiro in his wisdom or lack of the same decided to use one of his buddies by the name Mukurima X Muriuki to champion this cleansing exercise. Muriuki did not hesitate to do a long post to hoodwink the gulible social media users and justify the seemingly fat token he received from Osiro. His damage control story goes as follows:

“I talked to Washington Osiro about Dorcas Sarkozy.

On Saturday, December 28th, Silas Jakakimba, on his Facebook Timeline, asked the question “WHO, is Dorcas Sarkozy.”

A number of commentators on that post noted that the articles Dorcas posted on her timeline had a masculine touch. I was not surprised at all. For 3 years, my friend (Nyanchwani) and I knew this too well. In fact, we had an idea of who this writing style matched.

No sooner had wakili Steve admitted, in a comment on Silas’s post, to having been duped, heck conned by Dorcas, than Dorcas posted on her wall a photo of a package that had been mailed to “Dorcas Sarkozy” in California. Someone from Kenya had “mailed to her” the package. Or so she wanted the world to know.

That Saturday evening, I called my friend Washington Osiro who lives in Northern California. That package with the name ‘Dorcas” had been sent to his address. Why was Dorcas using his address? Do they live together?

I did not get to ask this question on Saturday, but I knew I would with time. That evening, Washington had this unshakable belief that Dorcas was being set up. By who, and for what? It was evident he was yet to accept the possibility that the Dorcas he thought he knew, could be someone totally different in behavior and conduct in dealings with other people.

Remember I mentioned earlier that for 3 years I knew the masculine tone behind Dorcas’s posts! Washington admitted to having authored most of the articles posted on Dorcas’s Facebook page. In addition, he confessed there were other projects he was already collaborating, or looking to partner with Dorcas. That though was before hell broke loose.

From the call, I could tell Washington had what one would describe as a blind trust and faith in Dorcas. The events of that Saturday evening, reinforced by comments and confessions by many a men on Silas’s post, however, started to poke holes into this trust and faith.

I have known Washington for over 5 years now. He has this trust, hope, and faith in people. He doesn’t understand that famous saying “hii ni town.”

In January 2018, following a story in the Standard Newspaper that highlighted the plight of a girl who turned up to Butere Girls with nothing because that’s all her poor mother could afford, I reached out to a number of friends in America Diaspora as well as in Kenya hoping to raise money to help the girl. Washington Osiro was one of the friends who contributed for this cause. We raised enough money to keep the girl in school for 4 years, set up a pocket money fund for her, and gave the mom money to start a small business. Up to this day, Washington has never asked me how the money was spent. He trusted me.

In July 2018, I finally met Washington in San Francisco during the Rugby Sevens World Cup. He is about 6’ in height, dark as soot strands with an easy smile. His son Malo was with him. Since I was in his home turf in Northern California, he offered to buy lunch. We broke bread- Wuod Kisumu with Jeci ya Baricho.

Yesterday, January 1st 2020, I texted Washington and beseeched him to set the record straight because there was a lack of clarity on his dealings with Dorcas.

That call was different from the one I had with him on Saturday. Finally, Washington admitted he doesn’t really know who Dorcas is.

According to Washington, Dorcas reached out to him circa 2016 through one of his social media platforms. She had fallen in love with his writings for the Huffington Post. There was nothing untoward about it, and soon they started collaborating in authorship of articles. As time progressed, the beauty of Dorcas, based on photos she shared with him, started to melt his heart. I can see him belting Kamaru’s song to her: “Wee niwe gacau gakwa…”

I asked Washington that too important question: “During this time, any there video calls, you know, that desire to see her live live?”

“No. In hindsight I should have done it. I am too trusting, everything was based on trust and I did not think of asking her to prove anything via video” he answered.

Dorcas sold to Washington the narrative that she worked for the United Nations and that she had recently been laid off. In the meantime, she was operating between Kigali and Nairobi.

What about Anyang Nyongo’s book, how did it end up being mailed to Dorcas Sarkozy using Washington address?

Washington loves reading. He wanted a copy of Anyang Nyong’o’s book, but it was not available on Amazon. The only option was to have the book sent from Kenya. Who else to do it? You guessed it right. Washington wired the money to Dorcas for her to buy and mail the book to him.

Now this is where the cunning Dorcas sets in. She passed on this task to on an unsuspecting third party, who ended up buying and mailing the book to Washington Osiro’s address c/o Dorcas Sarkozy. This way, she found a way of ‘scaring her friends’ with the fact that she resides in America

According to Washington, Dorcas gave him access to her Facebook profile. If you keenly observed, most posts on that page would go up at some weird hours (Kenyan time). That is because of the time difference between Kenya and USA. While Washington posted the articles day time in America, it was night time in Kenya. All those book reviews on her page, all that intellect you would associate with Dorcas, that was Washington ghostwriting.

Why use her platform anyway? According to Washington, Dorcas had a large Kenyan audience which he wanted to reach.

While presumably Washington has lost his fair share of money, Dorcas milked his coffers dry up to the last minute. She even had the audacity to ask him for money to retain a lawyer, ostensibly to pursue justice against her ‘persecutors.” And because at that time Washington still believed and trusted her word, he obliged.

Washington has no regrets sending money to Dorcas. He says he did it in good faith, and because he believed they were working towards something. Like the song goes, Washington had no reason to doubt that they were two hearts beating as one.

No lie can live forever. In addition, a tooth eventually shows up and when Steve narrated how he was duped by Dorcas, it caught Washington by surprise. He probably did not know who he had been dealing with all these years. Washington thought he was in an exclusive long distance relationship with Dorcas, but then again, fimbo ya mbali haiui nyoka!

When Washington asked her why she lied about her commitment to him, her answer was that she had no control over men wanting her. In the end, he did not take a coin from anyone; in any case, a lot was taken from him, including trust.

While I do not know who Dorcas Sarkozy is, Washington Osiro is not Dorcas, and Dorcas is not Washington Osiro. I hope I am not wrong

“Where do you go from here?” I asked him.

“People who go into situations/relationships expecting something in return are the ones who are duped….those who go expecting to grown and learn from a shared experience come out mature and more informed. I can say that without hesitation.”

Washington Osiro must learn to carry his cross. He has ruined his family image as the Osiros enjoys good reputation in Kisumu. The case of Washington is a true justification that a thief only has forty days, and his never passed even with a single day.

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