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Davis& Shirtliff Connects 124,000 people to freshwater

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Davis& Shirtliff Connects 124,000 people to freshwater

Davis Shirtliff water Pumps Project

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 Over 124,000 people are now connected to clean water during the last six months by  Davis & Shirtliff that has helped in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Davis & Shirtliff’s latest report, the supplier has completed a total of 87 high-impact projects that have positively transformed lives in Kenya and East Africa.

Out of 87 projects, 46 involved combating the threat of COVID-19 in schools and underserved communities in 26 counties across Kenya.

Further, the company has donated and installed solar-powered Dayliff borehole pumping systems to keep families away from water-related diseases.

And relieve households in drought-stricken areas from economic hardships empowering them to explore meaningful economic activities.

 Davis & Shirtliff Group Chairman  Alec Davis stated that in 30 of the projects completed this year, Dayliff solar pumping kits provided affordable and clean energy to increase and improve access to water.

With increased access to water, and availability of handwashing stations, people have the power to stay healthy.

he said.

To add to that, the company harnessed the abundant power of the sun to power boreholes.

And irrigation pumps to promote sustainable solutions for community projects.

  Nairobi, Nakuru, Meru, Murang’a, and Kakamega counties benefited from the projects.