Dangerous Police After Curfew

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By Christabel Chilande

Following the directive issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta on a 7 pm curfew, police have enforced it with a lot of brutalities. The number of people who have been killed by police for staying outside past curfew keeps increasing as the days go by.

From the first day of enforcing the curfew, the police killed a 13-year old boy Yassin Moyo in Mathare. He was in his family’s balcony when a stray bullet hit him. Neighbors of the victim claimed the police were aiming their guns at the buildings and throwing tear gas at those they found outside. The violence shown by the police speaks volumes about the danger of being caught out of your home past the curfew.

Beatings by the police are also common now. The police have been beating Kenyans in the streets and leaving them for dead. Most of the cases are never documented and the families never get the justice they deserve. Ibrahim Onyango who was on his way home at 7:30 pm was badly beaten by police even though he managed to escape he died two days later.

Last week Samuel Maina was assaulted by the police, his money stolen and nose was broken. On reporting the matter to the Kahawa West police station they chased him away and did not help him despite him needing medical attention. Strong media campaigns by locals and human rights activists are being used to bring awareness to the matter and get justice for Samuel. The hashtag #JusticeforSamuelMaina has been trending to bring to light the police brutality going on in the country.

The police spokesperson ensured investigations would be done on the matter, all this as more Kenyans continue to be harmed by those supposed to protect them. President Uhuru Kenyatta apologized to Kenyans on behalf of his government while on a video call from State House. Despite this little has been done to compensate the families or get justice. The numerous complaints from locals show the police abuse their power once the curfew sets in.

The Kenyan police that takes oaths to serve and protect the country are the ones most feared by Kenyans. In the first week alone of quarantine, the police had already killed six people, others had been hospitalized from the bruises they got. With the curfew expected to continue this coming month, we can only hope the police will be less violent towards Kenyans. There are humane ways to get people into quarantine without ending their lives.

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