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CS Kagwe Launches New COVID-19 App For International Flights

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No need to make long queues at the airports ladies and gentlemen. The Ministry of Health in conjunction with Kenya Airways on Friday, July 31, announced the launch of a mobile application to be used once international flights commence on August 1.

Making the announcement during the daily COVID-19 press briefing, Director in the Ministry of Health Dr. Koki Mutua explained how the application would work.

Once the international flights commence, travellers are to be provided with a link by the various airlines and booking agents on how and where to download it from.

The link will then direct the passenger to a surveillance form which he/she is required to fill.

International Departures at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Source: File

All details in the form have to be filled before proceeding to the next step.

Upon completion of the previous step, the traveller will then click on submit and, if successful, they will then get a QR code in return.

The QR code can then be saved on the phone in PDF format or as an image.

Once this is done, the passenger can then move on to the health desk stationed at the airport where a Ministry of Health worker will scan the code, effectively recording all the data filled in, on the surveillance form.

A person using his phone at an airport. Source: File

The passenger will then be released to proceed with the pre-flight protocols.

Notably, passengers will then be reminded that they are mandated to log in daily temperature readings for a period of 14 days using the app.

Failure to log in the daily temperature readings will raise alarms and passengers will be tracked down by contact tracing teams using the app.

Forms need to be filled before travelling to enable passengers to be cleared at their various destinations or ports of entry.

Google on July 7 introduced a COVID-19 mobile app that has appeared on all mobile handsets, sparking panic among users who fear they might have their privacy invaded.

The application has a very noble purpose of trying to alert mobile phone subscribers if they have been in close proximity to some one who is Covid-19 positive.

It uses Bluetooth technology – the short range, wireless technology in your TV remote control that helps flip through channels.

If two subscribers have registered and enabled both their COVID-19 mobile apps and their bluetooth, their phones would be able to exchange messages in near proximity whenever they bypass each other.

If one of the two subscribers has updated their app to reflect the fact that they are COVID-19 positive, the second subscriber would get an alert to that effect and is expected to take action, including self-quarantine.

Contact tracing app TraceTogether, released by the Singapore government to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is seen on a mobile phone, in Singapore March 25, 2020. Source: Reuters

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