Covid-19: Kenya confirms 4 recoveries, 3 deaths, 110 total infections

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In a press briefing issued by the Ministry of Health led by Cabinet Secretary for Health Mutahi Kagwe, Kenya confirms 4 recoveries, 3 deaths and the total number of infected stands at 110.

According to the CS Health Mr Kagwe, the situation in Kenya is not getting any better; it is getting worse. He also maintained that the Covid-19 disease is a pandemic and the government is continuously improving its capacity to handle it, even as the cases continue to increase.

He went on to wonder why Kenyans turned against the government to mock it over the two recoveries that were made public yesterday saying, “It is shocking and disheartening to see some Kenyans have taken to social media to make a mockery of the efforts the country is making to fight this virus. It is wrong to trivialize the recovery of two Kenyans and to brand government efforts as a PR excercise, instead of heightening our alert levels. Why would a government, in liaison with WHO and other International Governmental Organizations decide to make a PR excise out of such a situation?”

He further said that the government condemns in the strongest terms, anyone who would seek to trivialize Kenyans who have survived the virus as it is wrong and should not happen. Close to 1m people worldwide wide have been infected with the virus and over 47,000 have lost their lives.

Confirming the deaths, he said, “The Government is saddened to announce that the country has lost two patients who had tested positive for the disease; one in Nairobi and another one in Mombasa. This brings the number of Corona virus related deaths in the country to 3”

On the recovery he said, “The Government is pleased to announce that Kilifi’s Deputy Governor has fully recovered from the virus. We now wait for the law to take its course where he is concerned.”

On measures to flatten the curve, he said;

  1. The Government embarked on mass testing of the 2050 people in quarantine at designated facilities. This exercise is continuous and 662 samples have been tested in the last 24 hours, a new record in the country’s testing capacity
  1. (a): Out of the 662, 29 people have tested positive for the disease. 28 are Kenyans and 1 is Congelese. The new cases bring the total number of confirmed cases in Kenya to 110 .
  1. (b): Out of the 29 new cases, 23 were detected in the quarantine areas. It is therefore very important for those in quarantine to keep social distance because they are quarantined with people who could be positive.

He went to say, “If the government had not enforced a mandatory quarantine, the story would be different. Kenyans need to take extreme measure wherever they are. The Government is discouraging mass movement of people, especially those staying in Nairobi to up country even during the Easter period.”

The Mr Kagwe advised the matatu sector that, “All tuk tuk and matatu operators and passengers are advised to wear masks. From today, the country has started the production of masks and personal protective equipment”

To county governments he said; “The government appreciates efforts by those counties which have scaled up precautionary measures through random screening at their borders. To support the efforts by counties, hiring of of 5000 skilled health workers has began immediately and the process should be finalized in the next 1 week. An additional 1000 health workers are also in the process of being hired to work at Mbagathi and KU Hospitals. The government will also provide an additional 1000 quarantine beds in designated schools and hospitals”

He also said that beginning today, Port Health Teams will embark on disinfecting the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for the next one week. And that the exercise will be extended to all other airports.

“Corona virus is a serious threat to our lives and the nation. The number of infections is going to rise exponentially, but the virus does not move by itself; it is moved by people. As individuals, we have to change our behavior and conduct in order to prevent the spread

“It is disappointing to hear some people claim that the disease is not real in Kenya because they have not heard of anyone in their circle who has been infected or who has died. Government urges Kenyans not to trivialize this matter but to take it very seriously. If we fail to take it seriously, we will pay a very high price.” He concluded

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