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CoronaPreneurs: A driver who was dropping nurses in Bomet and Nyamira counties put under forced quarantine, his documents confiscated

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A Kenyan driver, Alfred Moturi, who was allowed to travel from Mombasa to Nyamira and Bomet counties where he was dropping two nurses for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) interviews was put under forced quarantine at Nyamira KMTC upon his arrival. His traveling documents which included tests for Covid-19 and permission to travel by government authorities was confiscated. At the facility where he was taken, there is no food, cloths to change. He was not allowed to pick his items at his private car. Here is the story:

“Hi am Alfred Moturi, I live in Mishomoroni, Mombasa. I was allowed to travel from Mombasa to Nyamira by the authorities (Letter attached) and brought two nurses for UHC interview which will take place tomorrow in Nyamira. I dropped one at Bomet and another in Nyamira then proceeded home to spend the night before I travel back to Mombasa tomorrow. Once I reached at our gate, one villager screamed that I have brought Corona to the village.

I thought it right to inform the area Assistance chief, on reaching him, he requested me to drop him at the OCS office Nyamira because he had some statements to present there. He also said he will consult the OCS for further advice on such issues of STIGMATIZATION. Immediately I arrived at the police station the OCS called an ambulance and the Covid Team in full protection gear whisked me to the ambulance and dumped me at KMTC, Nyamira.

Before leaving Mombasa, I and the medical team I brought upcountry were tested and our results turned negative before we were allowed to travel. In my car I have a disinfectant which I spray my car in every stop I make. So I followed all the MOH requirements, including being tested.

I’m now currently at the forced quarantine centre at my own cost. I was never allowed to give an explanation how I reached Nyamira from Mombasa. I’ve been locked up, no food, no water, nothing! Just an empty room with a bed and a mattress. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do! I wasn’t allowed to even pick anything from my car which is being held at the police station. I don’t understand whether the government which allowed me to travel from Mombasa is different one with the one detaining me in Nyamira!

They have since confiscated my travel permission letter.

Help me reach the authorities for help please!”