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Coptic Hospital: Where Female Patients Are Allegedly Sedated, Raped As Management Does Nothing But Threats

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Seated along Ngong Road Nairobi, the Coptic Hospital stands out as a place where healing is assured right from the entrance that faces the road. But inside the Coptic Orthodox Church-owned hospital that’s most preferred by averagely the Kenya’s middle class lies evils that even the church itself can’t cleanse.

It took one courageous lady from Nyeri to expose the rottenness of this Mission Hospital. And here is the story:

You’re suffering from liver cancer, a recurrence of an earlier breast cancer that you had battled successfully in 2019, you visit your local hospital, Outspan in Nyeri, on Wednesday July 1, 2020 for assessment but the medics there referred you to Nairobi’s Coptic Hospital for specialized treatment and you proceeded to Nairobi same day.

Because Nyeri is not anywhere near Nairobi, you arrive at Coptic Hospital at 9pm where you’re admitted after the medics declared your liver cancer as stage II and treatment commenced there and then.

It’s not until the night of Friday 3rd July, 2020 that the strangest thing happened.

Little did you know that this time round, it was not the normal dosage for your Liver Cancer Stage II treatment but heavy dosage of sedatives before you were raped repeatedly.

You could not realize this because of the heavy sedatives you were put under. It is while you were taking shower on Saturday morning that you realize that somebody penetrated you repeatedly.

Shocked by realization of what you were subjected to, you report this to hospital’s oncologist Dr Andrew Odhiambo who was assigned to you and who was doubling as the resident doctor. He promised to take the matter up by management.

To make the matter worst, Dr Andrew goes silent and brought no feedback. It’s after you have gone wild that an in-house Gynaecologist came and did tests on you before going missing too like Dr Andrew Odhiambo did.

A week has gone now and no feedback.

The following day after the incident that is Sunday of July 5, 2020, your daughter is allowed to visit you in hospital and you poured your heart out of what happened. She then consulted with the rest of the family and decision to transfer you to Nairobi Women’s hospital on hospital unanimously agreed.

Come Monday, the bill was cleared and you were ready to leave the hospital but the exit was denied by management by the same Dr Andrew Odhiambo who disappeared after you reported to ordeal. The audio evidence is there. You’re forced to stay longer. You agreed because you had no otherwise.

To make matters worse, in between the Monday check out tussle, you’re injected with a substance that instantly made you weak. You also realized that the syringe used to inject you was disposed elsewhere and not the usual bin. Luckily, the injection cannula was accidentally left on your arm.

Eventually, you’re released on Monday evening, after a day long and intentionally delayed release process, yet all bills had been settled.

Angry and emotionally hurt, you immediately proceeded to Nairobi Women’s Hospital where you underwent urine and gynaecologist swap tests.

As earlier suspected, the tests showed traces of semen in your system confirming you had been raped, yet Coptic Hospital’s Discharge Summary mentions nothing about the incident.

The cannula that had been used during the suspicious Monday injection, which you also submitted for scrutiny, tested for cocaine, meaning that you had been injected with the narcotic substance, perhaps to drugs you further.

You are in possession of the test results from Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

You then head home for some rest awaiting to report the case to the police.

Unfortunately, you’re too weak to go to the police on Tuesday and was only able to do so on Wednesday morning.

You then camped with your daughter at Kilimani Police Station from 11am to 4pm as your statement and that of your daughter was being taken.

The OB number is with you.

The officers at Kilimani Police Station directed you to come back the following day, Thursday 9th July 2020, to see the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Officer incharge.

When you went back, the DCI officer, Margaret Katei Muthui, listened to your case, and then proceeded to Coptic Hospital and and Nairobi Women’s Hospital to carry out investigations. The investigation is ongoing and your only hope is that justice will be served.

You’re now weak, devastated and emotionally broken innocent Kenyan mother, struggling with a battle of recurrent cancer, whose drugs leave you completely drained but still you’re forced to take post-exposure prophylaxis, (P.E.P.s), as a precautionary measure incase you were infected with HIV during the rape.

Because money speaks in Kenya, the Nairobi’s Coptic hospital has threatened to sue anyone talking about this incident.

At this point, this desperate cry for justice goes out to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Ministry of Health, Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union, FIDA and all other relevant authorities, to intervene and rescue this innocent Kenyan, unapologetically violated in a medical institution, that ought to be at the forefront of safeguarding the health of our citizens, more so during these rough times of COVID~19.

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