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Controversial Evangelist James Ng’ang’a Dares MCK to Shut Down His TV Station

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Pastor Ng'ang'a

Pastor Ng'ang'a

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Controversial Evangelist James Ng’ang’a has told off the Media Council of Kenya to shut down his Sasa TV station, saying he will not allow anybody to tell him what to do.

“I am a preacher, not under anybody to preach what or what depends on the message that I have,” he said.

The MCK threatened to close down the TV station over gross misconduct.

The Council noted that Sasa TV breached clauses 5 (b) (c) on accountability and 10 (1) on obscenity, taste, and tone in reporting.

However, this is not the first time Pastor Ng’ang’a has made headlines for his unconventional preaching techniques.

The council has also asked the management of the TV station to explain why they think action should not be taken against them.

But the preacher, who is currently on a tour to the United States, remained defiant, saying his lawyers are ready to face the council in court.

“I have seen people complaining. As far as I know, Sasa TV is not under MCK, we are under CAK which we report to. Anyone looking forward to challenging me should find my address and make a formal request. I can then send my lawyers to answer,” Ngángá stated.