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Comic-Con gives hope to “New Girl” and “Rick and Morty” fans

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There have been a number of delightful surprises from our favorite “spoiler alert” get together. Comic-Con is one of the largest events held in the creative industry. During this set up, a number of shows reveal enthralling information about upcoming episodes/ scenes/ new shows/films. The modicum details ignites a fiery spark in every fan’s heart. Comic-Con also gives fans a chance to relate to the storylines and casts of varied films/shows. It is a fervent, fun and friendly platform where we get to “uuuh” and “aaah” at the latest whisks of creativity.

What happened during the Comic-Con event this year?

A lot of Rick and Morty fans have been disconcerted given the pandemic that crippled varied film productions and the very fact that the producers of Rick and Morty have been known to delay season releases in the past. There have been a plethora of enquires by the Adult Swim audience, all eager to know whether Rick and Morty season 5 has a chance of filling their screens sooner rather than later. During this year’s Comic-Con, hope was restored in the bellies of gusto brimming fans. This happened on Saturday when snippets of the season 5 script were released. Fans got to see what season 5 had to offer in a nutshell (an “Evil Morty” shaped theory).

The makers of the beloved series explained how they are managing to create episodes despite not being on a physical set. Apparently the Rick and Morty team have been maximizing the utilization of the “zoom” app. They have been meeting for 2 hours to block the storyline on set days. So yes, people are literally making lemonade out of lemons out there!
There was no specific release date announced unfortunately but the producers have promised that the term “soon” will atually meet its potential with Rick and Morty season 5.

This is just one of the major highlights that transpired during the Comic-Con event.

On Thursday last week, Amazon shared an exciting piece of information. The Boys season 3 is happening! After the end of season 2, fans of the intriguing show pelted questions towards the production company to no avail. Finally, at the Comic-Con, an answer was bestowed to them. On the same day, a virtual showroom for Star Trek Universe brought about by CBS was presented. This was a mouth gaping moment as people awed over the nooks and crannies they had not encountered before.

Friday rolled in with a blood agitating surprise from Marvel. For the first time ever, Marvel studios is dipping their toes in the horror genre; the trailer of “Helstrom” was released on this same day.

By the time Saturday was being ushered in, fans globally could not wait to see what was in store for the day. They were not disappointed as actors from “Family Guy” and “American Dad” graced the day with bone tickling moments.

There were a colossal of “spoiler alerts” served to the audience on a hot platter during the event; Archer gains sentience in season 11, Walking Dead season 10 is no longer the final season of the series and the new upcoming Jurassic world movie will actually have real animatronic dinosausr! These are just but some of the reveals.
You can be a part of the Comic-Con sensation by going to YouTube and watching the thrilling three-day event!

“New Girl” gang back again?

“New Girl” is one of the most popular comdey/drama shows of all time. This is majorly due to the absolutely lovable casts who fully embraced their characters. It is because of their passion and obvious talent that major names in the industry were drawn to be a part of the series. Icons like Prince, Megan Fox and Taylor Swift were a heart warming surprise for “New Girl” fans. When Winston pulled off his way over the top prank sinatra in the season finale, fans literally wept over the profound loss. It was hard to come to terms with not hearing Schmidt mispronounce simple words ever again.

Comic-Con Home Panel hosted the new aninated comedy series “Hoops” team with Max Greenfield (Schmidt from New Girl) as the moderator. During this event, it was revealed that a number of “New Girl” casts will be a part of the animated series, guest starring alongside Jake Johnson (Nick from New Girl) who is the main character of the show.

Jake Johnson happens to playing the role of an easily aggravated, smart-mouthed generally pathetic coach who is placing his eggs in his basketball team basket. He is hoping to rewrite the team’s story (by making them win an actual game) and that as a result, he can have a fresh start at life too. The series is meant to be extremely funny and exceptionally inspiring at the same time.

We cannot wait to see Coach (Damon Wayans Jnr), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Cece (Hannah Simone) and Nick (Jake Johnson) back in action!

There you have it! Comic-Con has outdone themselves this year despite the ongoing pandemic. This enthusiasm for creativity is nothing short of inspirational.

Does Kenya have a similar platform?

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