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Closure of the Ugandan Parliament Amid Covid 19

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Closure of the Ugandan Parliament Amid Covid 19

The Parliament of Uganda

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The Government of Uganda closes its parliament for two weeks due to the adverse effect of the second wave of the Covid 19 in the Country.

Parliament proceedings are adjourned effective Monday 28th June to Sunday 11th July 2021 to enable the disinfection of parliament buildings.

According to a statement by the Ugandan Parliament, the Country has recorded a 17.1 percent positivity rate.

As a mitigating measure in the prevention of the Covid 19 infection, the administration of Parliament in consultation with the office of the speaker is closing parliament to Hon. Members of Parliament for two weeks to disinfect the parliamentary buildings.

the statement read

The Pandemic

Uganda is among African Countries facing a surge in the number of Covid 19 cases amid a shortage of vaccines.

Further, the Country has recorded a total of 584 deaths and 68,779 infections .

As well as very minimal number of samples tested daily.

Uganda was among the earliest countries in the continent last year to impose a lockdown when it had very few cases of the covid 19 infections.

However, the numbers have risen drastically over the last few weeks overwhelming the Country’s health care system.