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Chips seller warns to quit school

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Bevalyne Kwamboka

Bevalyne Kwamboka

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Bevalyne Kwamboka, a KU student selling chips at the footbridge at Kware, Outering Road, has spoken out after a warning from the Kenya Urban Road Authority (KURA).

While responding to a curious Twitter user, KURA said it is illegal for Kwamboka to do business at her current location. “KURA are these activities legal?” the Twitter user asked.

KURA responded by stating that.

“This is illegal and an infringement to pedestrian rights…The footbridges and walkways are meant for pedestrian passage and not any form of business.”

Kwamboka, who is in her fourth year of study at KU,  stated that the business is her only source of income, and she would have to relocate to the village if it is closed.

“Selling chips is the only way I make a living. If it is closed, I would have to store my household items with a friend, defer school and return to the village,” she said. She appealed for help in setting up permanent business premises.