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CHEGE: Kenyans Cannot Think For Themselves

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Some people cower and wince and shrink, owing to fear of what people may think. There is one answer to worries like these: people may think what the devil they please.

Piet Hein

Independent findings show that eight in 10 Kenyans cannot think for themselves. Typically one is born and groomed to follow the same footsteps in society as their fathers before them and forefathers.

The story of the life of an ordinary Kenyan starts like this; you’re born into a world that you know it is yours from the word go.

Naturally you don’t care what people think, you just do you. As a toddler you can sleep however long you want, wake up when you feel like, go wherever you please and do what you want and nobody will interrupt you.

Quote of a child living a carefree life. Source: Pinterest

Then you slowly grow into a child, having that don’t care attitude slowly suppressed by a society mostly feminine-centric. They enforce behaviours that is not who you really are just to make society smile around you and them. It’s masked as ‘good manners’ but deep down that’s not who you were created to be.

The suppression is enhanced by this thing called school. Teachers cane you for doing what you feel like, because they hate it. Years go by and you grow up being the supposed ‘good boy’ they moulded you to be for the world which they believe is ‘harsh’.

Wild Animal Tamed

You take up subjects that do not fit you, take up courses forced upon you; if not recommended endlessly by your parents, graduate with a piece of special paper with qualifications that didn’t fit what you wanted to do. Then you’re forced into the real world by those rather pointless connections by your relatives depending on what you studied.

Remember, you didn’t go to college to learn, you went there because of career opportunities, or that’s what your doting relatives and parents fed you with a plastic spoon.

They get you a job. That pisses you off. That makes you want to rip every strand of your hair off your body. You can’t leave because you’re too scared that the society they forced you to deeply trust will dump you in the cold.

A man stressed at work. Source: File

Worse, they believe you have to get married. They’ll look for a wife for you, some lady who’s dressed up like the pastor’s loyal daughter. After that expensive wedding they leave you on your own. She becomes Lucifer’s girlfriend, stepping on you two hours into the honeymoon and getting humped on by a guy who bravely goes to war with our marauding Kenya Police.

A month later she files for divorce but you beg her not to leave. You put up with her mediocrity then she packs her stilettos in her giant suitcase ready to leave you forever…wait a minute…

She kicks you out. Of your house that you didn’t even purchase with your sweat. You took a mortgage because you wanted the best for her. Or did you rent out the house? Wimp! Of course you did. You’re left in the cold, wondering what next. Word goes out and everyone, even your sister, ghosts you.

Not knowing what next, you slip into depression. The fear of being lonely makes you recklessly hunt down women with the intention of cuffing them. So high is your desperation that you go for anything with a skirt, even if she resembles an overripe mango. But they all turn you down. You’re frustrated. Lost. Looking like a toothpick with the drugs you added to your system. Then you kill yourself. Everybody buries you, and forgets you after a day.

Health workers being buried under COVID-19 protocols. Source: Daily Nation

That’s the life of an ordinary Kenyan after accepting the ‘blue pill’ mentality. You know, the one that cheats you with ‘fantasy’.

Reality: A Scary Place For The Weak

The example above was tailored enough to scare you. Into the reality calling for a ‘red pill’ individual. The world now hates a nice guy. Women see nice guys as we all see the COVID-19 pandemic. Anybody can ‘gerrit’ but when you ‘gerrit‘, it can kill you.

If Rollo Tomassi would visit Kenya to coach every Kenyan man on the tips from his famous ‘Rational Male’ book, he would give up within a week. The whole country has men ‘choking in a blue-pilled fantasy’ that has never been after their best interests.

Why is everyone in society trying to mould you to their liking? To satisfy their liking. Society doesn’t like it when someone they know all of a sudden acts different from them. Kenyan men, therefore live their lives trying to ‘please people who’ll eventually throw them out in the cold when they feel like’.

A picture of a people pleaser. Source: Medium

An American hip-hop artist known as Saweetie was quizzed on her success through Complex. On why she refused career help from her famous relatives.

“I believe in being self-made and trying to figure things out on my own”. she responded.

For the uninitiated, Saweetie’s cousin is Gabrielle Union. Her grandfather is Super Bowl-winning linebacker Willie Harper and she is also cousins with super producer and Trap Music pioneer Zaytoven.

Make It On Your Own

Majority of her responses emanated from fans who criticized her for being successful on her own. People who’ve had to rely on family connections to get them to where they are. The same criticism would come from the same fans if she relied on her relatives to get to where she is now. People always have something to say.

It isn’t something I’d disagree on, but if anyone believes in becoming self-made, they know what they’re saying. The real truth of the matter is that there is no guarantee that your aunties or uncles…even your cousins and siblings, are going to help you in your career options.

Don’t believe me? Comment below the last time you were promised by your loved ones of a job right after graduation. Subtract that time from the time of publishing this post. When you’re done, place your right hand on your heart and repeat after me: “You’re on your own!”

Kenyans hate it when their fellow countrymen go against the norm. A friend confessed to me that Red Pill content will not work with a Kenyan audience, and day after day his sentiments keep getting confirmed. Every introduction to this form of reality to fellow men (not women, those are lost causes) is a dramatic fail.

Red and blue pills. Source: File

The same Kenyans will be quick to use ‘shaming tactics’. No, they are not meant to correct you, they are meant to pull you back into the reality of you that they were used to. A common one used is “Who hurt you?”

Average Frustrated Chumps (AFCs) are the blue pill guys who behave like crabs in a barrel. When one of them tries to climb out, the rest pull him back in.

The evidence of their infectious behaviours is how we act against the Kenya Police. AFCs will complain about police brutality but will dart for the hills…or for their houses during curfew at the sight of a police officer with a baton longer than…moving on.

A police officer attacking a civilian. Source: File

Start A Revolution

Each and every one of us has a voice. An inner power to revoke the brutality these boys in blue are far too ready to implement, regardless of social status. That inner power was suppressed by our ‘going about with our lives and pretending it happens everyday’. Coronavirus has forced us to pay more attention, which explains the spike in complaints filed to the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) on brutality issues, with well over 1,000 cases reported this year. Also how else did the killing of George Floyd by police officers in June a topic of worldwide outrage? People spoke out.


We should refuse to have ourselves arrested for petty crimes. Why are we letting the Directorate of Criminal Investigations arrest a blogger for posting a slayqueen’s visa online? By the way, who told her then that she could leave the country when all air travel into, within and out of the country was suspended? Why did she do it?

The next thing we should do is refuse to be oppressed by the elite. You know, those crooks that use police officers to keep those lesser than them off their paws while they grab the billions even meant for COVID-19. Dennis Okari deserves a presidential award for his exposè which has burst Kenyans wide awake.

By the way, have I mentioned how thrilling being a journalist is? Anyone can be a journalist these days with a simple laptop and smartphone. But real ones aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers of the elite participating in shoddy deals in the exposeès that temporarily throw ethics out of the window.

Afraid of a lawsuit? Nation Media Group gets slapped with lawsuit threats by those elite fellows because they boldly expose their dirty secrets. A Citizen TV feature led to the arrest of a university vice chancellor in a year. Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji is at his busiest right now, on heat and arresting big Kahuna after big Kahuna over misuse of millions of shillings worth of funds.

Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji. Source: Hivisasa

Kenyan Men Pedestalise Women

Kenya is also the only country in East Africa where we have more men pedestalising women than men who put them at the bottom of their priorities. Rollo would never return if he heard of men who taught them not to worship women not change their habits. Kenyan women are beautiful, but in a man’s life they’re not important…they are a compliment to his life.

Behind every successful man lies a bevvy of women following him everywhere he goes that he does not need to struggle to get. It’s pointless harping that women are important in a man’s life while munching on Indomie in a single room or living with their parents in a mansion with an elevator.

We may have had the Red Pill mentality beaten out of us when we were youngBut the time has come to take it back when we are adults. The nation is ours, the world is ours. We have direct control over it. We decide what we want for ourselves. We cannot continue allowing corporate criminals to bleed our country dry. They are selfish with us, why not become selfish with them?

In two years time most of us will decide the future of our nation for the next five years. That or we get thrown into the same games in form of scandals that our journalists will readily expose in the blink of an eye.

Every man must read The Rational Male. How it is not part of the 2010 Constitution is beyond knowledge but whoever plans to amend it in the next referendum should squeeze all three of Rollo Tomassi’s books in it. The era of seeing women as goddesses to be worshipped every dying breath stops now! Most of them don’t care about you, why should you care about them?

NTV Teen Republik presenter Tracy Wanjiru. Source: Facebook

Be Different

Continue with the protests. The police will continue teargassing protesters like fools. You don’t need permission to speak your voice. Whoever wrote that as a rule needs to be admitted to Mathare Mental Hospital. If he’s insistent, then Kilindini Harbour has sharks that haven’t seen food for weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Stop listening to society. Chances are they don’t care about you. If they can’t appreciate you for being different then they should stay out of your way.

Stop letting your parents force you to study the course they chose for you in college, that’s for their image. To my friend I met at Thika Road Mall, your parent wanted you to study this because she’s preserving her image…wanting a place at the high table. She’s not allowed to stop your dream. Neither are you.

University is just like school, you go there to learn. Learn stuff that will be useful in the long run. You can spend four years studying a course then you decide to pursue a different career path, which is definitely okay. About 60 percent of graduates don’t pursue careers in line with what they studied.

Top left: Kenyatta University. Bottom left: Egerton University. Right: University of Nairobi. Source: File

Somalia, a more corrupt country than Kenya is making us look like beginners. The arrest of four Ministry of Health officials over a replica of what white-collar criminals are doing with COVID-19 funds is cause for action.

Hashtags on social media aren’t enough. We need to bring these criminals out, however we can. As earlier mentioned, anyone can be a journalist with a laptop, smartphone and affordable bundles. At least that’s what Marvin Gakunyi, CEO of Mobile Journalism Africa is doing as well as Debunk Media run by ex-Citizen TV anchor Asha Mwilu.

If you have credible top secret information, by all means expose! Nobody cares about filtered or censored. Let it all out!

Stop pedestalising that cute lady you see on social media daily. She’s not worth it. Put your brains first before your sexual organs.

Take control of your life. Do whatever you want, become what you want, even if it will piss off society. They are not your property.

In the end, it matters not what time you wake up. It is what you do after you wake up. You came alone and you will die alone. The first thing you see when you open your eyes is your two legs, arms and chest. Put yourself first.

Source: Tumblr

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