Charity Begins at Home, not in Kitui though

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Kenya’s political scene is a blame game, rigged to favour and reward whomever cries the loudest. Anyone who is keen enough will easily notice how politicians flamboyantly cry foul when trouble blows their way. Right now everything wrong is blamed on either the covid-19 pandemic or the handshake between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta. It is no surprise therefore that Kenyan politicians are seasonal. One time they will be a force to reckon, the epitome of supremacy and the rest of the time they are so frail that they can’t scare off a docile stray dog buzzing around them with an appetite to lick those wounds. Take Mike Sonko, the maybe-maybe-not Gorvenor of Nairobi County. Without an association, affiliation or an artificial enmity with Raila Odinga, it seems politicians cease to command any relevance. They then join the rest of us at the bench to spectate the game, a description that surprisingly accurately captures former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale.

Storm is now brewing over Kitui, and you can already see how it will play out. I call it that because the Members of the Kitui County Assembly will no doubt pass the motion to impeach their gorvenor, Hon. Charity Ngilu, which motion will either fail in the Senate, or in court. It’s almost too easy.

As expected her excellency has cried foul blaming the attempts to impeach her on the power struggle supposedly instigated by the WIPER leader Kalonzo Musyoka over who is the Ukambani kingpin. What is even more surprising is that he has not sanctioned the motion to impeach her as being a femicide attempt on the political career of a woman. Maybe she has, the belligerence and banality bores me, as I’m sure it does most Kenyans. What I know is that there are legitimate reasons behind Ngilu’s impeachment motion, the fact that a political opponent is taking advantage of the prevailing circumstances and using it as a sword and shield to further their own interests, is neither here nor there.

Sometimes last year, there were incessant lobbies to have the Kitui governor arrested and charged over her ethnically corrosive remarks against the Maasai and Somali communities. In fact to date, the Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina is still apprehensive about Charity Ngilu’s fitness to hold office, that he is facing similar charges too just makes it more interesting. Again last year, a story broke where the Kitui County Government was under fire for not paying it’s suppliers who are not close associates of the gorvenor. During the same time, it also became apparent that the gorvenor was guilty of gross violations of Chapter six of the Constitution, including but not limited to irregular award of tenders. The auditor general’s findings were the final nails on this coffin after the office established a series of unprocedural payments amounting to over KSH. 250 million.

Hon. Charity Ngilu is an opportunist, she reminds me of Najib Balala who has no record of exemplary performance but somehow always manages to align himself with the right people just in time to be given an office on government, usually just before the elections. In 2013 for instance, she alligned herself with Jubilee and conveniently got appointed the cabinet secretary of Land, Housing and Urban Development in 2013, where once again her poor performance record had her shown the door in 2015, just two years after assuming office. That ended her journey with Jubilee so come 2017, she noticed the political wave favoured Raila Odinga as always and sought the Kitui gubernatorial seat on a NARC ticket under the NASA Coalition. Once again her disappointing performance has her in trouble with members of the Kitui County Assembly, guess who is to blame this time? Raila’s aide and Jubilee affiliate, WIPER Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

It will not come as a surprise for any of us if she then aligns herself with William Ruto, the other blame game expert. Ironically, Ruto’s is a sinking ship that is taking in water, anyone with an averagely functioning brain would shed weight, rather than taking on more. My guess is as good as yours, she expects to be appointed to a befitting office should Ruto win. Granted, she might be, but all these is dependent on Ruto winning the elections in 2022. If I know Raila Odinga, and I think we all do, that will not happen. Fire has a greater chance of freezing than Ruto has of winning the forthcoming elections.

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