#Ceasation4All: Here are 2 sets of laws being used to fight Covid-19 in Kenya

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The outbreak of the Covid 19 infections has seen laws and rules being enacted and the executive orders being proclaimed by the government in a bid to contain the spread of the virus. These rules ranges from cessation of movements to counties hot hard by the infections like Mombasa and Nairobi, night curfews, prohibition of parties, reducing sizes of the funeral ceremonies, social distancing and so on.

While these rules were supposedly enacted to govern and guide all Kenyans that is not exactly how it is turning out to be. The powerful, the mighty, the well-connected and the wheeler dealers of these nations have totally different rules altogether and what we have is just for the ordinary citizens. For instance, the MOH is pleading and begging political leaders to play by the rules and be a good examples to the citizenry and bear in mind that these powerful individuals largely bankrolled by taxpayers have potential to infect others or be infected. The fact that the Ministry is pleading with them means that they are not subject to the rules altogether.
Compare that to citizens brutalized, shot at, mauled and arrested because they have not followed the guidelines, the businesses have been shut due to stringent rules to contain the pandemic. The ordinary people are in constant vigilance to observe these rules as the failure will be met with harsh consequences never seen.

While the people are not allowed to visit counties due to cessation of movements, the politicians on the other hand are busy crisscrossing far and wide holding meetings, parties and plotting about their affairs uninterrupted with little regard to the rules. For some reasons, the hawk-eyed security personnel are disinterested in cracking down their businesses but born-ready to pounce on the ordinary Kenyans.

Let’s take South Africa for example, the chief Minister in charge of Communication was suspended by the president for flouting the curfew rules, in the US also the president’s adviser was under heavy criticisms for cross state lines even when Stay-at-Home order was in full force and had to retract and apologize. These two scenarios from the nations we are battling same pandemic exposes the government at home as having little regard to law and order.

While Covid 19 does not discriminate who to infect, the application of the set of rules has been very selective. Many Kenyans have had to postpone, cancel or reschedule their plans to and from the counties that have been shut due to the rules of pandemic but it has been free fall for the powerful in the nation as they are cruising the checkpoints without a challenge. What kind of the society is that that laws are enacted for some while others are persuaded to follow.

In conclusion, there is only one way here, rules for all.

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