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Caroline Mutoko Ignites Wrath Of Men On Social Media After Lecture

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Media personality Caroline Mutoko on Sunday July 19 had scathing words for men refusing to wash their hands, eat fruits and go to hospital for a checkup when unwell…and scores of men on social media were irked.

In a retaliatory response, men ripped her apart afrer she posted a video on her social media pages, alleged that more men were getting infected by COVID-19 for not following the said instructions.

“I am telling you what to do because the very idea that the virus can come after you, all the man that you are, is impossible until the virus does come for you.

Caroline Mutoko in a past video. Source: Instagram

“You hate water, someone has to beg you to wash your hands and this is pre-covid, a shower, oh that’s news and especially now that it is cold because you are pre-disposed, mentally and habitually, to shy away from hygiene, corona is coming for you and in a big way,” Mutoko stated.

Scores of men and a section of women were not too pleased following her comments.

“I hope she knows main reasons why Covid-19 is hitting more men is because high blood pressure, heart, liver ailments are more prevalent among men, based on research. Also women genetically have stronger immune systems due to extra X chromosome. The answer’s in biology & genetics, not blaming men.” lectured Mac Otani.

“Men are the ones out there, working interacting with people to make money. 90% of truck drivers are men. Public transport operators majority are men. Same to the police force, security guards and almost all jobs that require people to travel across borders and interact with people” wrote @bigkoros

A file image of media personality Caroline Mutoko. Source: Kenyan News

“It appears the only thing to put desperate women on the TL here is to attack men and say nasty things about them. Caroline Mutoko, chill. If you came across unhealthy and terrible men, fight your fight. Do not recruit us into hating those who haven’t hurt us.” quipped Juma G.

Mutoko added that most men were not fond of eating fruits and were too stubborn to visit the doctor once they fall ill.

“You cannot be told, you have been unwell for a full day or two days, let’s go to a hospital right now. You say, don’t take me to hospital, I could die there, what happened to Papa?” she posed.

Men have mostly dominated the Covid-19 numbers since the first case was reported on March 13.

In a previous press briefing, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe urged men to emulate women by being more careful and consistent in their approach to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Women essentially are exhibiting a more careful and consistent approach to this disease than men. we as men must adopt the same attitude,” Kagwe stated.

Check out more of the reactions to Caroline Mutoko’s video below:


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