Burden Of Proof

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are accused of doing something that in your heart of hearts you know you are innocent of but there is no way of proving your innocence to your accusers and the public at large? Your best friend, the only alibi that could testify to the public that you are actually innocent and get you out of the quagmire is in fact the ring leader of the lynch mob baying for your blood. You try to beg the person to come to your rescue and tell the truth but all you get from the person is bloodthirsty look marred with such deep hate that for a moment you forget the situation facing you and start going back memory lane to get answers as to when you might have offended your friend now turned foe.

You try to look up in the sky hoping God will come to your rescue and write something on the wall similar to ‘mene mene tekel’ of the Bible’s days which would vindicate you but all you see is a clear calm sky with few dark clouds seemingly eager to witness the verdict your accusers now turned jury will pass on you. You see fists clenched, claws sharpened, teeth gnashing and crude weapons drawn. All those are meant for your little sweaty body that is trembling like a leaf. Everybody seems to be shouting on top of their voices but you can’t seem to make out what they are saying. There is a man of the cloth standing aloof but he doesnt seem ready to intervene on your behalf. You are on your own with no one on your side.

A few minutes later, an unkempt man appears from nowhere with a car tyre and puts in on your neck. He pours fuel on it and a lighter is handed to him. You resign to your fate of becoming roasted meat in a few and start mumbling some prayers so that God can receive your innocent soul to his bossom. All of a sudden the lighter is struck and you wake up from your nightmare screaming like a mad person.

You just had a nightmare!

Would you go back to sleep after experiencing such a nightmare?

Would you hold it against your best friend for betraying you in the nightmare?

Would you use the nightmare as a lesson not to always believe rumours without authentication or you would just dismiss it as just a nightmare?

Well! Only you know what you would answer.

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