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‘Breathing Was Extremely Difficult’ Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna On Battle With COVID-19

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Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna on Friday September 18 narrated his near-death experience after contracting COVID-19, stating that he felt good to be alive.

In a series of tweets, Oguna stated that after testing positive for the virus, he experienced excruciating pain in his chest that made breathing difficult.

Oguna further narrated how long and quiet the nights were, only interrupted by endless bleeping of life support machines.

Statement by Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna on his COVID-19 positive status on July 24, 2020. Source: Twitter

“The storm struck that very same night. I suddenly woke up in excruciating pain in my chest. Breathing was extremely difficult & any effort to do so felt like a bayonet was being driven through my chest. I was literally gasping for air,” he wrote.

“Days are long and nights are even longer and quiet, the quiet only interrupted by the endless bleeping of life support machines. Any human interaction is limited to the healthcare workers donned in full PPEs, which cover even their faces,” he added.

According to Oguna, the days before he tested positive for COVID-19 were some of the longest although he soldiered on despite experiencing challenges.

For instance, he recounts traveling to Mombasa and back to Nairobi while experiencing the symptoms associated with the virus despite testing negative.

Consequently, Oguna intimated that contact tracing after testing positive for COVID-19 was less tedious as the majority of the people he had come into contact with were mainly in clusters.

“I am however unable to ascertain if all the other individuals were contacted. It is now several weeks, and I can only assume that they are all well,” he highlighted.

Oguna further stated that he could not breathe nor speak clearly with medics indicating that his lung function had been severely compromised due to acute Pneumonia and that without oxygen, chances of survival would be remote.

In one instance, Oguna recalls going to the washroom with only two doors and being unable to get back as he had lost all the strength.

The government Spokesperson applauded the medics for their good job in taking care of COVID-19 patients as the PPEs are reportedly uncomfortable just as the job is risky.

For instance, he was released from the hospital about a month ago although he still experiences occasional breathlessness and lack of taste or smell.

“The doctor indicated these residual symptoms and the after-effect would take a while before everything settles back to normal,” he stated.

Oguna had tested positive for the virus on July 24, 2020, after stating that he was from an assignment out of town and developed flu-like symptoms.

Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna addresses the media at Kenyatta National Hospital on Saturday, March 14, 2020. Source: Kenyans.co.ke

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