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Bill Gates and the Afrikan depopulation agenda

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By Owino Ken

Bill Gates is a racist advocate for the depopulation of the Afrikan continent, under the cloak and guise of “family planning”, “poverty reduction” and “access to healthcare”.

According to a report, titled ‘Goalkeepers’, by the Bill & Melinda Foundation, expanding population growth in Afrika “will halt the decline of poverty”, and poverty may even start to rise it alleges.

The report states that “population growth in Afrika’s poorest countries puts at risk progress towards reducing poverty and improving health”.

Bill Gates himself told reporters that “population growth in Afrika is a challenge,” during a media briefing.

The report also projected that more than 40 percent of world’s extremely poor people will live in just two countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria.

Asked about the best ways of tackling the perceived population challenge and poverty in Afrika, Gates said “improving access to birth control” is key, and this should be “combined with investment in young people’s health and education. The biggest things are the modern tools of contraception”.

In its family planning section, the report called on policymakers to empower Afrikan women to exercise the right to choose the number of children they have, when they have them, and with whom.

This agenda to depopulate Afrika was pioneered by Henry Kissinger in US government report titled GLOBAL 2000 commissioned by Jimmy Carter wherein the depopulation of Afrika was deemed necessary to secure US interests on the continent.

In fact, development of a synthetic disease that could be weaponised (HIV/AIDS) was requested by Kissinger as part of this depopulation agenda.

Today, the health and pharmaceutical industries in Afrika are dominated and totally co trolled by whites and financed by billionaire so-called philanthropists like Gates.

White people like Bill Gates, because of their economic power, influence policy decisions and policy makers in Afrika.

They control governments in Afrika.

Afrika is under siege!

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