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Biker Receives Social Media Praise After Insulting Lady Driver Who Nearly Hit Him (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

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A motorcycle rider on Tuesday August 18 received praise from social media residents after confronting a lady driver who narrowly hit him.

The rider was cruising on a rural road in Kenya when he met the speeding car hurtling towards him.

According to the rider’s helmet camera footage, the woman driving a Subaru Legacy with the registration number KBV 062Z was trying to overtake an Isuzu lorry but didn’t notice the motorcycle heading towards her.

File photo of the lady driver who narrowly hit the motorcycle rider. Source: Twitter

In knee-jerk succession, the rider swerved to the pavement on his left but realising she could have killed him, he turned back and sped towards the Subaru.

He stopped right in front of the car in an attempt to block her from proceeding, but she brought the car to a halt and the rider had scathing words for her.

“You want to kill me? What’s wrong with you? You’re in my side of the road, you saw me coming and you still come, you want to kill me?” he began.

The lady appeared to disagree with him but the rider was not done yet.

“I’m a father of three. Just because you’re in a car does not give you the right to force a motorbike off the road! God will punish you!” screamed the biker who scared off the lady to the point of driving away.

Screengrab of the rider rebuking the lady driver for almost hitting him. Source: File

Following the near-death incident, netizens and fellow bikers took to social media to praise the bike’s efforts and share similar sentiments.

“I’m proud of this guy! Lots of times buses and trailers have force me out of the way with impunity. Now I have the courage to turn back.” quipped @doranga

“I gave one the best punishment, I just followed him and broke his side mirrors and asked him to chase me. You do this to me, it can’t go unpunished” weighed in @vinmaliroy, one of the bikers who also took action against rogue drivers.

“The road constructors need to cater for cyclists, pedestrians and mkokoteni (handcart) people etc, even if its outside big cities. This forms a good size of population that use this mode of transport.” addressed @mercy_syom who highlighted the lack of dedicated bicycle lanes, pedestrian walkways and handcart (mkokoteni) designated lanes along Kenyan roads.


Biker Faith Wanja, who first sounded the alarm on the motorcyclist’s act of bravery was part of a close shave on August 3 when, according to her helmet camera footage, witnessed two BMW vehicles veer off Mombasa Road and crash while racing.

Several motorists reported having seen the drivers speeding past as they drove from the Mua Hills area in Machakos County.

The two BMWs, one grey and another black, were seen zooming past Wanja, on either side, leaving her shocked as they narrowly missed a lorry right infront on the left lane.

Moments later, the drivers lost control causing their vehicles to veer off the road, with other vehicles including a lorry caught up in the madness.

They crashed into thickets by the side of the road, with both vehicles sustaining serious damage. The black BMW saw both its front and rear ends come off in addition to losing the rear windshield.

The occupants of both vehicles, however, escaped unharmed and confirmed the same to worried motorists who stopped to check on them.

“Just grateful to have escaped their idiocy and recklessness. It was a close shave for me! We are glad no harm was caused on other road users. Those fools are lucky to be alive too!” Wanja wrote of the incident.

Damaged vehicles seen after an accident on Mombasa Road on August 2, 2020. Source: Kenyans.co.ke

Watch the incident below:

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