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Betty Kyallo Shows why Prostitution doesn’t pay

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(Photo: Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho with his long time buddy Betty Kyallo)

When Betty Kyallo was moving to K24 you would think that the world of a TV station that has failed to pick up for many years now was coming to an end.

Instead of addressing issues that would improve their viewership, the K24 TV station operating under Mediamax Network owned by some of the questionable characters are not bothered to protect the image of their station.

I don’t know how long it will take them to learn that poaching TV anchors is not a prerequisite of growth. Kenyans still lack authoritative channels but instead of K24 TV filling this gap, they continue entertaining drama while using scrupulous means to increase their rating.

One such incident is the ongoing war of words on digital media which apparently has opened a can of worms which was not necessary at all.

Were it not for this drama, nobody would have known who is behind Betty’s flashy lifestyle that does not much her income.

Many Kenyans had forgiven her over the messy relationship and what led to their dramatic seperation with prominent Journalist Dennis Okari. In fact now, a number believes the Kisii man (Okari), that many ladies see as a ‘snack’, was right when he opted to stop his toxic marriage and move on.

If within this short period of time where even their only child has not grown to start schooling, Betty Kyalo has jumped into a ‘Somali man’  like a monkey and at the same time billing Okari with upkeep for their baby, means a lot in a world where feminists are taking over with their toxic and unrealistic demands.

“Feminism does not even care about women. It just turns them into bitter online crusaders who make no sacrifice to save a truly oppressed woman.” One commentator recently observed.

The Kamba queen Betty Kyallo sued Okari in 2018 at a time depression was sinking the son of Kisii. This was after their marriage could not work six months after classy wedding which culminated with a honeymoon in Dubai. It remained a dream wedding to many Kenyans.

Were it not for the mouthy Betty Kyallo and her more toxic sister, Mercy Kyallo, nobody would be bothered by her life and how she is moving on. It was after her unnecessary post on social media about how her daughter became sick and got healed several months later, who played which role and what have you, that Kenyans got to learn about her new catch that was only described as the Somali guy whose real identity is Abdinasir Dahir Sulub.

It’s turning out that Betty Kyallo out of her desperation, decided to continue with her alleged life of going for men with deep pocket to sustain her seemingly large lifestyle.

It’s not clear what Betty and her Somali boyfriend Abdinasir Dahir Sulub are upto as it seems, Mr Dahir Sulub is a family man and harbours questionable traits.

A look at Abdinasir Dahir Sulub’s life depicts him as a very emotional man, immature, attention seeker and a person who is desperate for a celebrity love. His reaction on social media shows that he is a man who is seeking attention of Betty Kyallo every minute. He likes every tweet, and any updates Betty would share both on Facebook and Instagram.

Abdinasir Dahir Sulub is that friend of yours who immediately you accept his or her friend request on your social media platforms would react on posts that are as old as when you joined social media maybe a decade ago. Maybe in Dahir’s mind and life, he has never dated such a “high class lady”, that is a let down to the spirits of boychildren. Shame on you Dahir.

This could be why he used Betty Kyalo’s phone to threaten Journalist Ken Mijungu who had stepped in to state the truth on what transpired when his friend Okari’s daughter was sick.

“I will choke the fucking life out of you” his threat reads.

Ken reported the above threat by recording a statement with the DCI wing located at the central police station. The detectives have already confiscated Betty Kyalo’s phone which was used to issue threats.

According to sources, Betty’s new catch, who has not even been taken to Kamba land for introduction, Abdinasir Dahir Sulub was fired from Turkish airlines Nairobi where he was working as top official, thanks to his connections.

The love birds are reported to have met at Billion Club alias B-Club located at Galana Plaza, Galana road in Nairobi. Those who know him allege that his friends are people with questionable characters.

Desperate individuals like Alinur Mohamed used the “Somali Guy” tag to seek attention online, he was lucky to get over 5000 followers before the truth about the identity of the real Somali Guy was identified.

Is K24 TV ready to learn and when will they put their act together?

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