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BBC Manager Dies in a Nairobi Hotel, Police Launches Investigations

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BBC Manager Dies in A Nairobi Hotel, Police Launches Investigations

BBC Manager Dies in A Nairobi Hotel, Police Launches Investigations

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Police have launched an investigation into the murder of a BBC journalist Kate Mitchell who was found dead in a hotel in Nairobi.

Preliminary investigations show that a man she had been with earlier at the hotel may have strangled the journalist to death.

Mitchelle, a British national, is reported to have pressed the alarm bell when the altercation worsened. She was strangled before she could receive any help.

According to Nairobi Regional Police Commander Benjamin Nthumbi, Mitchelle’s hotel room’s door was locked from inside when detectives arrived.

They found her lifeless body inside the room and noticed some broken window chippings on the floor.

“Upon checking through the window, the detectives saw a man’s body lying on the ground. He was later identified as the man Mitchelle had been seen with earlier.

“The suspected culprit had jumped off the eighth floor of the hotel through the room’s window after sensing that the hotel security might be after him,” Nthumbi said.

The journalist who had returned to the country was attached to BBC Media Action’s office in Ethiopia.

Mitchell worked as a Senior Project Manager in the organization, and till her death, she had worked for the BBC for 14 years.