Balala in trouble over mistreatment of employees

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The already troubled tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala’s brother Jalal Balala Al Azizah is being charged in court in Kilifi, Kenya. The Balala family has been on the limelight over accusations of nepotism in the award of tenders of jobs in the Tourism ministry.

Sometime last year, the competence of Hon. Najib Balala was questioned when rhinos in transit died of what could be said to have been negligence. It was said that rather than hiring competent staff, he elected to give jobs to his kin and aides who were incompetent and made the series of careless decisions that led to the deaths.

The reputation of the cabinet secretary’s family is once again in jeopardy as his brother has been accused of flaunting labor regulations and mistreatment of workers.

The General Trading and Events Organizing Company Executive Director in Dubai who came to limelight in 2018 when he paid and booked a woman from Dubai to ‘take care of him’ for three months, but allegations of cruelty and theft landed the matter in court.

As the case progressed, some so called “socialites” also came out and accused him of making away with their payments and threatened to expose the executive.

Jalal Balala was charged this morning at the Shanzu Law Courts in Kilifi with mistreating Barouskaya Krystina, a beauty from Belarus but based in Dubai where he is a renowned tea and coffee merchant and exporter. The beauty followed him to Kenya where he is registered as a citizen and seasonally domiciled and instituted recovery proceedings from Jalal. He is said to have had Krystina accompany him to Kenya on January 25, 2018 where the now controversial duo were met by a government security detail at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa.

The court was told that Halal had invited Krystina for a birthday party after which she was to return to Dubai. Krystina’s brief was to offer “general duties” to Jalal who told the court he invited her as he was “old, had fractured arms and was battling cancer.” for personal care. Apparently Jalala had paid Krystina to offer the services for three months but defaulted when payments became due. Despite the controversy, Krystyna allegedly continued to offer the personal care for Halal who continued to default.

His employees on Sunday last week registered their concerns and complained of mistreatment that has once again awaken the employee mistreatment demons that have haunted Halal. His employees came out complaining of mistreatment, confiscation of the their passports by Jalal hence creating an impasse for them to travel back home on special arrangements put in place by the Kenya government to aid citizens stuck outside of Kenya.

The victims are complaining of living in harsh environmental conditions with financial constraints and their expenses continue to skyrocket. They are now threatening to institute a claim at the employment and labor relations court to alleviate their suffering. It is however unclear whether they will institute a representative suit or otherwise considering their local and citizenship. They are in a unique position where they are working for a Kenyan citizen in a corporation that is domiciled in Dubai and it is unclear which courts have jurisdiction to forum the proceedings.

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