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Bahati, the Murayas and their Attention seeking Marriages.

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Kenya like every country has an abundance of celebrities, and for each one there are a hundred more clamming desperately to for celebrity attention. The things people do for those fifteen seconds of fame will shock you, forget Toxic the dancer whose face was plastered all over the Insyder magazine during our highschool days. I am talking getting married or deliberately leaking sex tapes just for the attention. Fame is not all that though, just last week, Alvan, the Tusker Project Fame one first runners up opened up about his suffering. We have it on good authority that Sleepy David, the former Kenyatta University student, and Churchill Show comedian is tredding the same path.

If there is anything Kenyan celebrities have learnt from Jay Z, beyonce, Kim and Kanye is that royalty attracts money. Because royalty is genetic, we have had to adjust our lives to mimic that of royals, just to quench the thirst. When it came out in 2014 that Kim and Kanye were getting married as a controversial stunt to dominate the media, none of us took it seriously, see our lives. Now it is becoming clearer than day, just how much there is to benefit from celebrity marriages and the desperation that it drives people to. I am talking Bahati and Diana, and let me not forget the Murayas (DJ Mo and Size 8).

If anyone has watched the Murayas on NTV, one would quickly notice that there is nothing Christian or natural about how Size 8 depicts herself. That can only mean one thing, the episodes are scripted and therefore not real, or that she never okokad and is probably still the same shoeless dancer throwing mateke at imaginary demons. It is possible that both be the case, the show sometimes airs sexually explicit content that a Christian household wouldn’t let out to the public domain. He who has eyes must not be coerced into seeing, rather if you know, you know. My guess is, it is all a public stunt, one that is very financially viable. If you doubt it, remember the Natalie Tewa and Rnaze break up.

DJ Mo is quite secretive unlike Size 8. There were however rumours of his romantic involvement with his co-host. His resemblance with the said cohort’s daughter really supports that narrative. Also, he has a daughter with a certain lady only known to many as Sarah. The lady relocated from Mombasa sometime in 2012 or thereabout and worked at Serena hotel, together, they have one child. DJ Mo wanted nothing to do with the illicit relationship considering his career as a gospel DJ was just taking to the sky and decided to completely isolate from the lady.

Even the Mathenges have not been spared. Theirs however looks like a genuine loving relationship that was undergoing normal troubles common with couples. The dirt on Nameless and Wahu is nothing compared to the one smearing gospel artist Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua. A lot has been said of Diana’s intentions with Bahati especially considering the glaring age difference. Although Diana claimed that she is attracted to Bahati because of his attention in an interview magazine, the internet never forgets and her previous romantic escapedes are did not go unnoticed.

Her reputation with rich fellows with celebrity status is too gory to be a coincidence. There is Victor Wanyama, Silas Imbaga, the owner of Pitstop bar along langata road, K4 of Kiss TV and NTVs Nick Mudimba. Imbaga allegedly asked for a DNA test with Diana’s child to ascertain paternity. Since we are already talking about it, Diana claimed that she met Bahati in 2016 during the shoot of the song Mapenzi, on the very day she caught her boyfriend cheating in the car with a girl known to her. And that the tears in the video were those of a reminiscent heartbreak.

Coincidence? I think not, a staged lie is more like it. This information is out there, do with it what you like. For me it appears that celebrities couples is a cashcow and anyone as desperate as Diana and Size 8 for attention would be dying to milk. Speaking of which, is there anything size 8 doesn’t do? From singing to acting to hosting? Then she gets saved and all of a sudden now does gospel music? All in a span of one year? I know someone desperate for attention when I see one.

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