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Babu Owino’s Two Goats Named After Uhuru And Raila (PHOTOS)

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Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino was on Monday August 31 gifted two goats by a delegation from the Maasai Community that visited him at Parliament buildings for his exemplary work of teaching students via his online classes.

The lawmaker received the goats at Parliament buildings in Nairobi and to the surprise of many, he named one Raila Odinga, his ODM party leader and another President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the Maasai community for honouring me with two fertile goats because of the online Education lessons I have been offering to our children.I named the goats Uhuru and Raila to honour them for promoting Peace and tranquillity in this country,” Babu wrote on his social media pages.

Babu Owino walking with the two goats gifted to him by the Maasai delegation. Source: Twitter

Owino for a long time has been championing for student welfare back in his days as Chairman of the powerful Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU).

The Coronavirus pandemic hit the education sector hard, with learners forced to stay at home for months with no clear date when classroom learning will resume.

Owino thus seized the moment in May and started online classes for secondary school candidates preparing for their national exams, and was duly rewarded for it.

What caught the attention of many Kenyans however was the legislator’s decision to name the two goats ‘Raila and Uhuru’.

A section, felt that it was not right for him to liken goats to such influential people in the Country, while others argued that naming them ‘Raila and Uhuru’ meant that he will take good care of the goats because their names represent people he looks up to.

The Maasai delegation on their way to present Babu Owino the goats. Source: Twitter

“Once upon a time there was a goat. His name was Goat Matata. Goat Matata was very clever but sometimes he was very foolish too”, Twitter user @Mejja_i quoted the famous Goat Matata children’s storybook.

“You named them Raila and Uhuru?! That’s very disrespectful. I mean how could you? Imagine the trauma those goats will go through carrying such names? Fellow goats like us won’t even want to associate with them. ranted @MainaSlickBack

Babu Owino has been undergoing a redemption curve ever since he burst himself into the limelight when he shot DJ Evolve in a Kilimani club back in January.

He has been teaching Form Four candidates online lessons to make up for time lost while at home. On every Fridays, the ODM lawmaker would lead KCSE candidates from all over the country in Chemistry and Mathematics virtual classes, via his Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Many students and parents were grateful for the youthful legislature. Even UNESCO, BBC and VOA recognised Babu’s efforts, by highlighting what he is doing for students.

Babu Owino with his two new goats. Source: Twitter

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