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Avenue Hospital Kisumu; a shortcut to quick death AVOID

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There has been constant complains on the systematic problem in almost all Avenue Hospitals in the country but its Kisumu branch is the worst of all as it is seen as a shortcut to quick death.

Kenyans on social media have registered their complains over what they term as a mess at Avenue hospital Kisumu. A story of Beryl Awino who visited the facility last night, Sunday of August 11, 2019, would set the hell loose and opening wounds of so many Kenyans on a Monday morning thus attracting tens of hundred comments. She wrote;

“I had the longest day of my life in Avenue hospital in kisumu 😒😒. Do these people get paid to work? I wonder who the owner is and if he knows how his employees are working. I was there at 15 minutes to 9pm, was there with a very sick baby, fever at 39.8 degrees with diarrhoea and vomit. I was told Dr. Walter the paediatrician was still doing ward round so I should wait which I had no problem with and waited. I saw him thereafter and was sent to the lab for blood test. Here is where the problem began. Being sent to pay, meeting a cashier who thinks her clan owns avenue with an attitude larger than an elephant! You ask her something and she just assumes. OMG I thought I was going to slap her. Well, I paid and went back to the lab.

After waiting for like 3 hours for results to be back, I decided to enquire if I was waiting at the right place. I was then sent upstairs to wait there. After 30 minutes I ask if it’s out and get no proper reply 😒😒. I decided to go to the lab myself and ask. Thank God for the only friendly lady in Avenue called Evelelyn at the lab she told me the results were out long ago and printed them out for me. Am happy and angry at the same time. I took them myself and went back to see the doctor. Oh boy! He’s gone and doesn’t pick calls but before he left he told the nurse in charge to call him when my lab results are out. The nurse in charge is also missing.

OK, I have the results I only need prescription and it takes like another hour to get me another doctor to write me prescription. It’s now 1am. My kid has finished his water, is extremely hungry and grumpy. I’m now moving around with a screaming kid and everyone is looking at me like I’m the worst mum in the world. Now is when I decided enough is enough. I confronted the nurse in charge and was really mad, I was shouting at her and everyone was now watching.

All of a sudden they found a doctor and within minutes I was out of avenue. Whoever knows the owner please let him know how his people work. This is sad. If the kid was seriously sick he would have died! Am still angry as I write this. 😞😞😞”

These are some of the reactions:

“I remember when I took my little boy to Avenue Kisumu sometime back, and the young doctor was reading from a text book to interpret my boys condition…..I almost punched him but the Holy Spirit restrained me………to date, even if I see a sign that reads Avenue road, I just turn back.” Tom Atinda reacted.

“They also did to me the same when I was 7 weeks pregnant. The doctor new I was weeks and prescribed medication that would have captured my womb. That God I got help from another hospital, Parklands Avenue I am never returning.” Grace Wacui

“Avenue Buru Buru junction there is a Kalenjin lady at the pharmacy soooo rude” Evans Manyoro

“Why do medics especially nurses and doctors have a evil heart and bad attitude?” Sophie Spira

“Avenue is a shortcut to quick death AVOID. They dont even know the time of death of a patient . AVOID at all costs. Dont say you were not warned. How can this hospital be reported and closed down? They should be sued for very many deaths including my dad’s 😭😭😭😭” Berry Bearie commented.

“My experience at Avenue Hospital Parklands is the worst hospital experience I have ever had.” Another observed

“I never understand why they have the attitude and don’t want to assist people. If you don’t want to serve people just resign and stay at home there are many people wishing they had those jobs but have never had them. Hujakosewa na mtu ndio umwonyeshe madharau. Let them remember that their lives are just as fragile as ours they’re not an exception! Nkt” commented Janice Gikonyo

“One old lady who had been bitten by bees was taken there, they put her on oxygen and left her to die in pain. She is yet to be buried.” Linda Awuory

“I keep saying over 95% of nurses will see Heaven on viusasa” Nyaruai Hellena observed

“Gaih.. I thought avenue is the only remaing private hospital with good care? Oh Lord have mercy!!” Peter Cletus

“So sorry for the ordeal, no one deserves such. Something needs to be done!” Naomi Munyiva

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